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In The Case Of Florida

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“Ohh, Florida something’s very wrong, Need to know, what’s going on. Can we make this house a home?” The previously stated, is a plea by musician Jaheim Hoagland on a song simply entitled “Florida”, as he revisited the controversy surrounding the now infamous not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. This song’s chorus seems to be apropos on many levels as it pertains to the Sunshine State and the bevy of injustices that appear to emulate from the DNA of it’s seemingly tainted bone marrow. There is an age old presumptive that says that “there must be something in the water”. I would not usually adhere to such an adage, however, it gives me pause in dismissing this plausible theory when revisiting Florida’s controversial timeline. Was Mr. Hoagland right? Is there something very wrong? I’ll let you decide. Here is a list of Florida’s most wildly publicized, controversial acts of infamy:

2000-Presidential Election-Hanging Chad Recount Controversy
2002-2010-Nevin Shapiro-$2 million dollar illegal booster contributions to Univ of Miami
2010-Clay Duke-Held School Board Hostage, shoots himself after firing shots at board
2011-Casey Anthony Trial-Found Not Guilty of Murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony
2012-Marissa Alexander Trial- Sentenced 20 Years for firing a warning shot
2013-Israel Hernandez-Tasered to Death by police for graffiti writing on wall
2013-Biogenesis Lab Performance Enhancement Drug Scandal
2013-Trayvon Martin Murder Trial-George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty of Murder
2013-Charles Walker & Joseph Jenkins-Convicted Murders released by mistake
2013-Donald James Smith-released from prison, abducted murdered 8 year old soon after
2013-Roy Middleton-shot by police getting cigarettes out of his mother’s car
2013-Sixteen Year Old Student-Raped and Beaten by two girls and three boys
2013-Jameis Winston-alleged police coercion to thwart victim from filing rape charges
2013-Hubert Allen Jr.-shot four coworkers-2 fatal before killing himself
2013-Congressman (R) Trey Randal-charged with cocaine possession
2013-Sue Eberle Case-alleged victim of police department sex scandal involving 12 officersAt the risk of over saturating my topic at hand, I decided to taper off my list a bit. Do keep in mind that my tapering was not due to a lack of additional controversy, but more of a means to summarize my point of emphasis. I am more than sure the police blotters and the corruptive scandal of politics are plentiful in all states, however, Florida has managed to somehow headline the marquee in recent years. Is it due to relaxed gun laws and corrupt law enforcement? Or do some of the residents of Florida just prescribe to deviance and lawless behavior. We have seen the full spectrum stemming from a Presidential election right down to a mother trying to ward off a violent husband with a warning shot. And from that same spectrum we find a reoccurring theme of injustice. So is the hot weather symbolic of the hot steam stemming from the asphalt on the devil’s playground? Could this just be a sign of a society on the brink of an implosion? All I can truly say is that Jaheim Hoagland was absolutely correct in saying that something is very wrong in the Sunshine State. And to make matters worse for the Floridian people, they are now being invaded by Burmese Pythons. Another reason to proceed with precaution in the panhandle of the U.S. #ny,ny


Music Review: Jaheim-Appreciation Day

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I am not sure how one would define the music catalog of Jaheim Hoagland. In his voice you can find traces of R&B legend Luther Vandross, yet his array of songs remind you of the groundbreaking style that afforded Mary J Blige the title of “Queen of Hip Hop-R&B”. Jaheim debuted in 2001 with his album entitled Ghetto Love and now some twelve years later we find ourselves listening to his latest album entitled “Appreciation Day”.

Unlike many of today’s artist, I can attest after seeing him live in concert, that Jaheim is not a studio made singer, as his voice transfers from the recording booth to the stage flawlessly. His performance seems almost effortless to the point that it appears as if he’s really not trying hard at all. I have been a fan of his music from the beginning, so hearing that his new album was set to debut, I knew that purchasing it would not require the twisting of my arm. His first release was entitled “Age Ain’t A Factor” which was his celebration of the cougar; the older woman who can still turn the heads of all men. Upon listening to other tracks, you will find typical Jaheim styled music such as “P…Appreciation Day” (which is a bit thirsty for my taste), “Morning” (an ode to Shirley Murdock’s As We Lay) “Baby X3” and “Sticks n Stones”, however, the track entitled “Florida” tugs at the heart-strings as he pays homage to the fallen life of Trayvon Martin. Jaheim has managed to maintain his urban appeal, all while continuing to capture the ears of both the young and old listeners alike. Jaheim continues to give us another reason to listen to the radio and if you are a fan of his music then this CD belongs in your collection. Pick up your copy of Appreciation Day, now in stores.