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Health: 40 Years In The Waist-Land

Posted in Health with tags , , on February 28, 2014 by geniusscribbleink


To be healthy, wealthy and wise is a statement that pretty much summarizes the plight manifesto of many Americans when we tend to do an overview of our past, present and future state of personal union. Often we utilize at least one dollar to chase the forever illusive winning lottery ticket, in the hopes of obtaining a financial windfall that can eradicate the proverbial bill collectors from knocking at your front door. Wisdom of course is a spinning carousel in which we soon discover that very few individuals we meet throughout our lifetime, rarely seem to grasp the concept of and often fall short of ascertaining its shining brass ring. Then we delve into the remaining element of this trifecta, which is health. It is here that many of us dwell inside the glutton oasis of french fries, lava cake and sodium-filled treats; all while basting in the glow of a bad carb filled moonlit delicacy. Let’s face it, bad food taste so good that it’s Michael Jackson BAD. Perhaps this is why obesity is the new Boogeyman hiding inside the closet of many American kids, only this time it’s masquerading as a McDonald’s Happy Meal with a toy surprise as it’s accomplice. A healthy lifestyle is something that evades most Americans who are not fitness juggernauts and caloric,conscious, calculators; as most of us base our daily routine around convenience and finances. The days of home-cooked meals and eating at the table have been replaced by microwave dishes and prepackaged meals on the go. Unfortunately this is the times we live in. It is a time that waits for no man/woman, yet we forget that the same thing can be stated when reflecting on that of the human body as well. The body will not always wait for you to correct its digestive intake and will eventually begin to launch an epic revolt against your vital organs. High blood pressure and diabetes are extremely prevalent in most of those who battle the bulge of a protruding waistline. Of course this can lead to other issues as a result of its transitive effect on the body as a whole. I, along with my wife, started a diet approximately three weeks ago. We are notorious for dining out, but felt it was time to become a bit more conscious as we are both in our 40s and have watched people in our age bracket suddenly die from what could have been an avoidable health issue. I am no nutritionist by any means, but I have become knowledgable about a few things that can help in anyone’s quest towards weight loss and better eating. Whole Grain products are your friend: lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, legume, brown rice and nuts are considered good carbs to have in your daily meals. The one phrase I’ve restated time and time again is “the whiter the bread, the sooner your dead”. White colored products: flour, pastas, potatoes, sugars etc, all play a villainous role in sabotaging your journey towards good health. If you can, avoid at all cost and replace with a healthy alternative. No surprise that exercising assists greatly in becoming healthy. Cardio of course strengthens the heart, however, I discovered that a weightlifting regiment is a great fat killer as well. And when it comes to the infamous bread-basket, dieting is the cure versus the back wrenching crunches that are often thought to eliminate the trusty tire or muffin top that stretches the notches of our belts. These are a few pearls of wisdom that I have obtained over time that I am passing along to those individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. What needs to be debunked is the idea that forty is the new twenty or the new thirty; no forty is the age in which we need to start realizing that the temple we manifest needs to be properly maintained in order for it to be a stronger, freestanding structure. My journey has just begun, I hope to see some of you join me along the way. #healthy, wealthy and wise