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Amerikkka’s Nightmare: The Bi-Racial Child

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“Men do not love those who remind them of their sins unless they have a mind to repent—and the mulatto child’s face is a standing accusation against him who is master and father to the child.”-Frederick Douglas (My Bondage and My Freedom)

Frederick Douglass stated:  “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”, thus providing us with the notion that there is still hope in this world and it starts with that of our youth. I for one believe that what we are witnessing in this modern-day calamity is a product of a crossroad or pinnacle that we have reached in this country that is ushering in that of a new generation as opposed to that of an old guard that has for centuries on end found itself atop a food chain or class system that has provided a certain level of comfort and assured legacy. Let me preference that the white versus black narrative is an old standby answer that is preached to that of the feeble-minded. Civil Rights was achieved through what I deem as the hands of many, all made up of different hues and different backgrounds. This alone is why my blog title can exist and it further highlights the premise that African-Americans and Caucasian-Americans can exist as well as cohabitate, as we are seeing what I deem as Amerikkka’s (not to be confused with America) Nightmare finally coming to fruition.

You may ask yourself whether or not I am concluding that there are two Americas? The answer to that is yes. Post-Civil Rights, we find a new America that is working to become inclusive and tolerant in its young sixty-two years of existence as opposed to that of its predecessor, the Pre-Civil Rights Amerikkka which lasted some four hundred plus years that was baptized in slavery, white supremacy and intolerance. What we seldom highlight is how young Civil Rights is. To believe that this “America” version is going to be suddenly balanced and the void of social injustices is the thought process to that of the naïve thinker. The parents of my generation are in their 60’s, which means we have leftovers from the Pre-Civil Rights Amerikkka that is a product of slavery, white supremacy and intolerance, who are still effecting the social climate of this Post-Civil Rights America. This impedes and retards true social change, as we have an old guard’s mind set in a newfangled world that is accepting of ideologies that were once thought of as being blasphemous. Among those unaccepted ideologies was the idea of bi-racial children existing in the forefront of America culture. We saw for two centuries the refuted denial of Thomas Jefferson fathering children with Sally Hemings who was a slave woman at his Monticello dwellings, only to find out circa 1998 by way of DNA testing done by Dr. Eugene Foster that Thomas Jefferson did in fact father six of her children. Of course this claim was pushed to be refuted again by the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society, further showing the lengths by which people are willing to go in order to preserve the idea that these said acts could not have happened, especially when a founding father is involved that happens to be of Caucasian decent.  So to state that it was shameful to have a bi-racial child or children Pre-Civil Rights Amerikkka is probably not laying enough emphasis on the magnitude of this so-called social discretion during this era. I liken this to a common phrase that states that this is in fact Pre-Civil Rights Amerikkka’s “dirty little secret”. But much like every secret, what is done in the dark is assured to be exposed into the light at some point in time. What was once an Amerikkka that refuted the notion that African-Americans and Caucasian-American’s could coexist, now finds a Post-Civil Rights America that finds themselves existing for the most part in unison, but most importantly they are cohabitating in unison. I will take it a step further in stating that not only has this Post-Civil Rights America seen cohabitation between that of the African-American and Caucasian American, we have come to find that at least three products of that cohabitation are effecting the social climate in a way yet to be seen. Barack Obama, Jesse Williams and Colin Kaepernick, all products of interracial relationships and all are impacting America in a way that has become a nightmare for those leftovers from the preexisting Amerikkka that wish to hold on to their archaic ideas and belief systems. What was once the “dirty little secret” is now America’s greatest gift in providing a soundtrack to Rodney King’s declaration of “Can we all get along?” What I find amazing is the fact that when we do get along the children that are born as a result of these relationships turn out to be some of the most intelligent and most beautiful people on the planet. From Bob Marley and Alicia Keys to Lenny Kravitz and Grant Hill, all have uniquely impacted the world in a way like no other. This is the secret that the old Amerikkka does not want you to see. They do not want to see the races intermingle because it will spell out their annihilation and imminent doom.  This is their worst nightmare coming true. The bi-racial child. Amerikkka’s true nemesis. #shout out to my nephew who is beautiful and bi-racial


George Washington: Allies in Allah

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“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.”-George Washington

I have a tremendous fascination for the terms conveyance and agenda, as I find both to be extremely vital instruments when the topic of communication is at the forefront of discussion. What I have learned is that they are both intricate, as well as, delicate entities; whose coexistence are dynamic when it comes to delivering the informative truth to the table. The truth will indeed set you free, however, a lie has been known to incarcerate and damage integrity; leaving us with a tumultuous trail of ignorance and destructive fallout. It was Kris Parker (KRS-ONE) who stated: “We’ve found a place to bury the lies and the false histories…..Where is this place? What shall it be called? It’s in every inner city “We’ll call it a library…where we will bury the lies”. Well his premise was not farfetched, as I have learned that knowledge is obtained by the archaeological type of personality versus that of those who accept what is given as the gospel truth. This is indeed an era of the “sheeple” and not an era of the “people”. An era marred in propaganda and sensationalism; constantly revolving instead of evolving into a heightened being of greater intelligence. As a society, we are on the cusp of barbarianism, appearing to lack the humanistic integrity that looks to preserve life instead of destroying it. I continue to believe that this type of behavior has elevated during the scientific phenomenon I deem as the Barack Effect. The Barack Effect, much like its predecessor the Butterfly Effect, has caused a ripple current that has resulted in a disturbance of the proverbial “norm”. In other words, his name, his ethnicity and his purported “hidden religious beliefs” have upset many in this country who are used to having someone who looks like them, talks like them and dare I say, acts like them in charge of our nation. To believe that ethnicity, in a country that has “white washed” its foundation so much that the original natives are more noted for their casino rights as opposed to them being celebrated as the actual forefathers of this great nation, all but tells us that people are more occupied with the preservation of their ethnological supremacy, more so than preserving the veracity of truth. There is no surprise that today’s social climate is marred in police brutality, camouflaged bigotry and riotous upheavals in urban areas similar to that of the 1960’s; whereas the Civil Rights Movement was then the controversial straw stirring up an elixir of unrest for those who were unwilling to accept a change within the class system. I return back to the Barack Effect theory once again, as his name alone (Barack Hussein Obama) is polarizing in itself, as the idea that he’s a closet Muslim who has a Muslim agenda and not that of a Christian agenda have been suggested due to his name alone. The controversy in Christians denouncing Muslims or persons of Middle Eastern decent is the fact that their prophet (Jesus) is believe to hail from that same region they often condemn. The term Islam in itself simply means: “submission to the will of God”, which is the same foundational premise that a vast majority of mainstream religious groups subscribe to. Many tend to link terrorism to the Islamic faith, as if Christianity in America has not had its share of radical groups of individuals who have committed domestic acts of terrorism (see Lynch Laws, see Black Wall Street, see Internment of Japanese Americans, see Trail of Tears etc.). So as I douse myself in the flames of social media, I notice posts containing doctored pictures of Barack Obama in Muslim attire and people declaring him to be aligned with the Muslim terrorist and numerous other fallacious proclamations about him opening up the borders the people of Syria. This prompted me to delve into my research, as I was given a bit of information surrounding one of our supposed “founding forefathers” George Washington and his affiliation with Muslim people during his term as the first reported President of the United States. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington’s army saw the presence of several Muslim comrades in Bampett Muhammad, Yusuf Ben Ali and Peter Salem (a.k.a. Peter Buckminster). Peter Salem (Peter Buckminster) had a significant impact on American history as it was his lone shot that would kill Great Britain’s Major General John Pitcairn. George Washington would also secure the services of another Muslim man named Sultain Sidi Muhammad ben Abdallah of Morocco, to help bolster his Army after suffering multiple defeats against the British in 1777. This alliance also led to the ratification of the Treaty of Marrakech, prompting George Washington and Congress to enter into a trustworthy alliance with Muslims. It is believed that this act alone, showed that George Washington was willing to judge foreign leaders not on their religious beliefs, but to judge them on their character and conduct. In 1783, George Washington penned a letter to America stating: (the United States) is “open to receive the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions, whom we shall welcome to participation of all our rights and privileges. They may be Mahometans [Muslims], Jews, or Christians of any sect.” One would presume that George Washington was a tolerant president, which many attribute to his belief in the principles of Deism. We find ourselves watching a 14 year old young man in Texas, Ahmed Mohammad, get handcuffed for bringing a homemade clock to school in what was deemed as a terrorist threat by school officials. One would have to believe that more than science played a part in this assessed threat, as I would gather that his name played a part in that decision making process as well. Perhaps Texas, as well as America as a whole, are not as tolerant as two of our elected leaders: George Washington and Barack Obama. We as a whole tend to convey history with an agenda, instead of conveying history with truth. Today’s America is doing exactly what yesterday’s America did. The unfortunate thing is that America has brought along both its good luggage and its damaged baggage on a trip to the future that is the now. I have long felt that America is immature and has yet to address its adult issues in therapy. Our decline is not in immigration influx or religious choices, our decline is due to the fact that we continue to repeat an abusive tendency that has torn apart the fabric of our flag and most importantly the fabric of our people. Until we address the baggage of racism, wealth distribution and family; there is no nation, there are only people with agendas waving flags speaking at podiums. There has always been a solution to overcome divisiveness; however the problem lies in the fact that unlike George Washington who decided to be in alliance instead of defiance, our country would rather point fingers instead of dealing with our own reflection in the mirror. We are #Murica