The Dark Man eXodus: The Book of Earl

If no pain, then no love. If no darkness, no light. If no risk, then no reward. It’s all or nothing. In this damn world, it’s all or nothing.”- Glennon Doyle Melton

I once posed a poignant question to a few of my friends when I asked: “Could you Imagine if the voice you heard inside of your head sounded like DMX? You would probably feel somewhat invincibile”. Certainly not a far fetched notion given the fact that Earl Simmons’ music gave you a layer of conviction like no other. His transparency regarding his struggles with life’s adversities, along with his vulnerable and humble submission to God, made him into somewhat of an anti-hero whose superpowers was his gravely voice and his relentless determination that was unbridled and polarizing. In a world that now often operates under the guise of a masquerade; it is extremely hard to figure out just who individuals are these days. I take great satisfaction when seeing people be unapologetically who they are despite pressures from the outside insisting that they change because the narrative sounds better and feels better for those who simply can’t stomach a strong dose of reality. Thats not to say or encourage a person or persons to behave with reckless abandonment, however it does shine a light of truth into the dark corners where reckless behavior and irresponsible choices occur. We are often reluctant to put our cards on the table for fear of being judged or vilified; but the truth of the matter is that everyone has skeletons in their closet and in some instances people have full-fledged graveyards. Matthew 7:1 speaks about judgement, forwarning that its not our place to pass judgment upon anyone. I would like to believe that Earl Simmons knew more about this scripture than most of us, as his battle with childhood demons would often interupt his prolific success time and time again. In spite of those demons there was always a moment of rebirth for him. His prayers seem to only intensify after adverse times as the “Pitbull Of The Pulpit” would some how manage to capture his congregation of fans and bring them to church with him offering not only a glimmer of hope, but also a peek into the window of redemption. I always subscribe to music for a plethora of things in my life. DMX was always that artist that gave me that adrenaline rush while reminding me that I too am unapologetic in my delivery as I let God judge my actions and not that of man nor woman. The soul of my spirit animal still lingers as it took me some time to start playing his music after hearing of his tragic passing. Hip Hop culture is a way of life for most of us who were born in the late 60s and the early 70’s, as it provided us with a reflective voice for the entire globe to listen to. And from that culture spawned our version of superheroes, who we all wanted to imitate due to the great admiration we had for people who simply looked like us, talked like us and walked like us. DMX gave us all a soundtrack to our lives, whether it was the traumatic struggles we face throughout our days or the incredible, boundless elation we feel when our energy levels are bursting like supernovas inside our souls. Yes the Dark Man’s Exodus leaves behind a family and a fandom base that will forever pine to hear that infamous growling sound that let you know that the dog was lurking and was about to getatcha. The term Exodus is derived from Greek Exosudes which translates into meaning “the road out”. “One more road to cross, one more risk to take, gotta live my life like theres on more move to make”. Rest easy solider as heaven awaits you legend. #if no pain, then no love

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