Refusing To Comment


“Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.”-Voltaire

For each gray follicle I begin to discover on my facial canvas, I am beginning to realize or acknowledge the idea that I am getting older by the minute.  Not that there is some sort of mass calamity going on that is conjuring up anxiety leading to some sort of potential mid-life crisis or something.  In fact, this may be the most mentally sound I have ever felt in my whole entire life. For once I am perfectly fine in my own skin, body and mind.  It took some time to get here obviously. The countless encounters with insecurities we foster during our youth, combined with the constant errors of young adulthood, often result in a maturation degree earned at the school of hard knocks. This is also known as “I am tired of being f….ng stupid”.  I have always declared that on the cusp or while in, your early 30’s, a certain light bulb comes on that becomes a line that is drawn in the sand. You recognize that turning back in no longer a feasible option, as moving forward towards your awaiting destiny becomes your fixation in life. This is “self-actualization”, recognizing what is present inside of you will ultimately drives you towards wanting a certain type of fulfillment.  Ultimately this lends to you honing your talents, while declaring your individuality as opposed to wanting to be admired within a claque. It is now when we begin to realize that the opinions of others really do not matter in the grand scheme of things, and that you are indeed the author and editor of your own biography. So for me the question arises as to why are the opinions of others relevant to the mechanics of your everyday life? What relevance do they have, when the circumstances surrounding your life (wants, needs, necessities etc.) are tailor fit to the life experiences and choices you have made that govern your current makeup or situation?  We as individuals are a product of our own choices for the most part, lending a margin of error due to our upbringing and childhood experiences. But post eighteen years of age, our choices as an adult are that of our own doing. So in knowing this to be a truth, how could another person’s opinion hold the same weight as that of your own? Its not logical that they could ever understand what drives you, or what you are extremely passionate about.  Nor do they have the true insight to know what you are made of and what you desire and want out of life.  And definitely no one could ever have a true measure on the things that you passionately love. The question begs me to ask, why go on social media and play out your life to seek attention or the opinion of others?  Why delve into the dark abyss of a troll’s menagerie that has no barring nor compass on the direction of your life?  Not to mention, why would individuals choose to venture onto social media outlets with a demonic manifesto to conjure up hate, chaos, discomfort, discourse and ultimately to “watch the world burn” because your life is pathetically unfulfilled and weak?  Yes, we have reached a time to ask when is it that we put down the childish things and concentrate on our adulthood dreams?  When do we begin to value our individual goals and our individual development instead of seeking out childish acceptance from empty gigabytes as a means of fulfilling our empty vortex of lifelessness?  I adopt the cunning wordplay of Lil Duval and emphatically state that I am going to live my best life and I won’t go back in forth with you ninjas, simply because I’ve got better shit to do than worry about being unpopular and accepted. Voltaire stated that opinions are problematic like plagues and earthquakes, however I have had my world turned upside down before and I have endured countless plagues that have turned my life inside out that no one was aware of simply because their opinions could never save me from those things. But my cure for those supposed plagues and earthquakes is a pretty simple one; you pray for yourself and realize that your belief in that spiritual awakening is all that you have and need at the end of the day. Nobody’s opinion of yourself truly matters except that of your own. What is your opinion of yourself?  That is the only question we all need to answer. For the rest I refuse to comment.

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