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No I(dolatry) in Kaepernick

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“Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry.”-1 Corinthians 10:14


Actress Q’orianka Kilcher stated:  “I love the power of celebrity because you can give voice to the voiceless.”  I guess the real question at hand is, who exactly are these voiceless people? I mean I have a strong voice that can carom off a wall like a set of Bose speakers, so I guess that would make me not a voiceless person or does that make me merely a person who is just extremely loud at times? So does that eliminate me from being included in the so-called voiceless people of the world?  I mean we all have the ability to say what we want, to be what we want and to act as we want as it is our God-given right and by all accounts our said freedom and our way of life according to the mantra of the country we reside in. Freedom, justice and equality, you cannot beat the power that resonates in a statement so bold, so forward and so fair. Certainly this proclamation in itself is not voiceless as it speaks of a way of life we are afforded by claiming residency in these here United States of America. So my question remains vehement in soliciting answers as to who could be voiceless living under the pretenses of a country who eats apple pie while standing on the trifecta pillars of freedom, justice and equality. It almost would appear blasphemous that such an absurdity of being “voiceless” could exist in today’s society. We live in an era of the communicator, where at the mere click of a single button you can get a message across the world having to never leave the comfort of your favorite arm-chair. We are living in a technologically savvy world that allows one to view the entire planet in a microscopic fashion, so much that even if you live in an encapsulated environment/own little bubble, you can be just as informed and as aware of any atrocities or grandeur that is occurring in any place at any given moment. In saying this, one would think that there is no realistic reason to be the void of apathy. If you can see it or read it then you are indeed informed. In surmising the notion that we are in fact “informed” and we in a nutshell have an “eye in the sky” watching over the vast world we dwell upon, then I am still asking: “Why are there still voiceless people in this world”?  Maybe (just maybe) I am approaching this the wrong way.  Maybe my angle is too forward and less provocative, so I am going to approach this in and entirely different manner. If no one is voiceless and these same individuals live in a free, just and equal society, then the real question is “Why is there no one listening to them?” If we are indeed a society of values and standards and we are said to believe in being patriotic in our prideful display as Americans, then why are there voiceless people here. Our pledge states:  “One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. Then I ask my fellow Americans, when a section of Americans are not receiving these same liberties and justice stated in our national pledge, then what is this saying about who we are at our very core if this is not indeed righted? Racism tends to be the cheapest way to expense off the debt of the non-humanitarian. Lines are often drawn in the sand whenever a person of color is outspoken regarding the integrity of America, often having their entire history from their financials to their family lineage exploited in the media for dissection and ridicule. Yet when those same exact proclamations are pronounced by those who lack the melanin hue in their skin, often results in them being praised as being “patriotic” or “saying it like it is”. The newsflash is not a really a newsflash in these particular cases. Americans are just more enamored with race idolatry as opposed to being enamored with acting like a humanitarian who is trying to align themselves with the words of God. Samuel Johnson once stated that “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” The Enlightenment Thinkers often viewed patriotism as being similar to faith but in strong opposition of one another. Here we have a young man of mixed racial lineage with his biological father being African-American and his biological mother being Caucasian, who was in turn adopted by a Caucasian family with a German surname of Kaepernick. He is the quintessential melting pot that is America and is living the true “American Dream” as not only being raised by an ethnic village, but he also has obtained incredible wealth in the process. His crux you ask? He had an opinion and decided to voice that to America under the guile of being free in his seeking of justice and equality for those he believe are not getting what this country asks that we pledge our commitment to as citizens every day. Why is this considered criminal?  Why is Colin Kaepernick suddenly less patriotic and considered cantankerous because he is making the choice as a free person and as an American to speak out against what he is considered an injustice? Most importantly is how dare someone try to own the definition of patriotism while reprobating Colin Kaepernick in the process. These acts are indeed synonymous with that of the scoundrel. Idolatry is defined as the: “immoderate attachment or devotion to something”. Immoderate is described as being excessive or extreme. Colin Kapernick is obsessed with helping people, while his opposition is obsessed with campaigning against him for his supposed lack of respect for an anthem and a flag. Colin Kaepernick has spoken openly that his stance was also about military personnel that are not being taken care of by its own government as well. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his stance, it is their inalienable right to do so, but no one owns the term patriot and no one owns America. There’s no idolatry in Kapernick, but how much idolatry is in you?  #humanitarian

GSI Business Exclusive with Foremanline

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Foremanline T-Shirt

“One Love Boomer” is the epitaph written in permanent ink on the back of famous hip hop legend DMX (aka Earl Simmons). This phrase hovers above a tattooed portrait made in honor of his self-proclaimed “best friend” pit bull (Boomer) who was tragically killed in a car accident. DMX’s infamous barking when delivering his gravely vocals over his legendary music tracks all but lets us know that his passion for dogs is no farce, as it represents the love he has for dogs that stems back to his childhood when he would rescue strays around his neighborhood in Yonkers New York.  Passion is said to be “any powerful or compelling emotion”. Rarely do you find individuals who are committed to anything, let alone exhibit an ounce of passion towards an aspiration or craft. Often while spending time on social media trolling/strolling down my feed, I always tend to look for those types of individuals who have commitment in their DNA. The type of commitment that is much more than just financial reward and accolades.  These are the individuals who do it for the pure love and the exuberance of not just the results, but also for the process that it takes to get the end result. That old cliché states that you work like a slave to become a master. Well in the case of Travis Foreman, this statement bolds extremely true, as his passion and commitment in the realm of dog breeding has brought him into the forefront of the industry. His business “Foremanline” not only has the endorsement of his last name (Foreman), but it also speaks of the “line” or “lineage” that he is creating inside the breeding world of the American Bully. I had a chance to interview Travis in order to get a perspective inside his world so that I could not only educate my audience, but also gain some insight as well. The following is my Q&A with the CEO of Foremanline, Mr. Travis Foreman:


GSI: I like to ask the adverse question first, so here it goes.  Some may say “Eh it’s nothing special about your dogs.  In fact I can get that dog from anywhere else”.  What do you say in response to that person?


TF:  My dogs are very special because of how they are bred. Many people have the misconception that you can just put two bullies together and get nice dogs but this isn’t true. It’s not just about how they look, it’s about their pedigree. Through trial and tribulation, I think I have mastered the craft of matching up dogs to produce healthy, sound, clean, functional American bullies. In creating Foremanline, I used two of the most famous bloodlines to date which are Remyline and Gottiline.  I had the privilege of being mentored by a true dog man, best friend and creator of Remyline, Fabian Chichester. So to answer the question, there are many nice bullies in the world, but my dogs are special because of how they are bred and no one else has the same exact ingredients.


GSI: What made you get into the breeding business?


TF:  In 2005 I was actually running out of gas and had to get off the exit to get gas. After getting gas I was on the service road and I saw this older lady walking a pup and his rear was so muscular that I had to pullover (laughs). I jumped out of the car and she said: “Please don’t steal this dog”!  I said Miss, I’m a school teacher and I don’t steal, I just need to know where this pup comes from. The pup was 14 weeks old at the time and I had never seen a pup so short and thick as this one and I knew I just had to have one. So she said it was her son’s dog and he got him from California and paid $2,200.00. So I gave her my number and told her to have her son call me, he did exactly that (call) in less than 20 minutes. He told to me to go to Lowjack Kennels website which is now Remyline. I went to the website and saw the pic of the pup’s dad whose name was the famous Remy Martin (pictured below with me) and the rest is history.





GSI: From the photos I have seen from your line, you seem to have an acute awareness of what it takes get that certain “muscular” look that is prevalent in the Standard, Extreme and Extra Large size classes. Is there a secret you can share with my readers that won’t cost you money if you revealed it?


TF:  People always ask me what I feed my dogs that make them look like that. Well of course I feed a high quality dog food but my answer to them is “it’s not what they are fed, but rather how they are bred”.  As for the photos that you see, my mentor Fabian told me a long time ago that a pic can make or break a dog and if no one has seen the dog in person, a pic is all they have to go by.  So I’m very particular about photos that I post. I get down on their level and snap away. They do the rest.


GSI: Of course there are dangerous stigmas attached to the American Pitbull from their jaws locking to their brain swelling that make people reluctant to be owners. Are these claims true or false and are there any legitimate dangers in owning this breed?


TF:  Well just to be clear, I breed American Bullies. The differences are American Bullies are shorter, wider, and thicker with a bigger head and in my opinion have a better temperament. Although, the pitbull was used to make the breed, they are two totally separate breeds. Pitbulls do not have lock jaw; that is a myth. It may seem that way but what allows them to hold onto something so tight is pure determination and drive. I see no danger in owning this breed at all as long as the owner is responsible, these dogs aren’t for everyone.


GSI: What was your take on the Michael Vick dog scandal and dog fighting in general?


TF:  I am 100% against dog fighting! As for Michael Vick, yes he was wrong and got what the people thought he deserved. I’m a firm believer of second chances and he was given that and I think he is taking advantage of that by taking responsibility for his action and going out and educating people about the breed. So I think some good has come out of it. He has the ability to influence and he is using that ability to correct his wrong.


GSI: Have you had any celebrities who have purchased a pup from you? If so who?


TF:  I have sold a pup to a professional boxer but I will refrain from saying who. In my last litter, Jonathan Casillas of the New York Giants checked them out but didn’t purchase because of personal reasons. I’m positive more professional athletes will be purchasing my pups in the near future.


GSI: The picture that I used for this blog entry is from one of your business t-shirts. Please let the readers know where they can purchase one.


TF:  I can be reached on FB (Foremanline) for purchase of the Foremanline T-shirts.


GSI: And of course the reason we are here is about your business, so let everyone know how to get in contact with you if they are interested in purchasing a pup from you?


TF:  I probably won’t be doing any breeding for a year or two, however I can be reached on Facebook and Instagram under the name Foremanline for anyone interested in my pups.  I also ask that people be on the lookout for my two up and coming phenomenal studs named No’Dax and Cashius.




GSI: In five years from now when I mention “Foremanline” out loud, what will people say about your business?


TF:  Five years from now when you say Foremanline out loud, people will say: “Foremanline don’t cross….Paid the cost to be the boss!” I would also like to add this tagline in addition and state: “Research, read about it….Don’t talk about it…Breed about it!”


Genius Scribble Ink would like to thank Mr. Travis Foreman for taking time out of his busy schedule in order to give us intricate insight into his business “Foremanline”.  I have seen this man’s passion and dedication to his craft on a continuous basis, so trust that he is indeed the real deal in the world of American Bully breeding. Once again if you are interested in purchasing a pup or a t-shirt, please make sure that to contact Travis Foreman on Facebook or Instagram under the tag of Foremanline.  Genius Scribble Ink would like to wish Travis Foreman and the Foremanline brand great success in the many years to come and makes sure that you: “Research, read about it….Don’t talk about it…Breed about it!” and check out the Foremanline! #man’s best friend    


The Ota Benga Exploit

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“Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings”-Evan Esar

Bret Easton Ellis stated in American Psycho: “Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?” This is a question that we all could spend a lifetime trying to figure out an answer to, but nevertheless it is in fact a profound inquiry for the ages. We often times hear of barbaric acts committed against human beings by other human beings that borders on the fringe of the demonic. Often I search for signs of the humanitarian, hoping that the philanthropist is not just a seedy way to describe how the wealthy people try to offset their tax returns, but is in fact a sign that people truly are above the barbaric food chain and are civilized in both their hearts and in their common nature. Yet still I find myself peering out into a world where truth is inevitable. It is the kind of truth that suggests that even in our most humane and in our most civil obedience, that the nature of mankind can still be inherently evil. To borrow a quote from one of my favorite cartoons, Thundarr The Barbarian: “Man’s civilization is cast in ruin. Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn. A strange new world rises from the old. A world of savagery, super-science, and sorcery”.  Well maybe the two thousand years later part does not apply, however most of that statement is applicable to these modern times. Civilization in all of its modernization and newfangled advancements, still showers itself in the reigns of savagery and sorcery. It is not the type of sorcery we equate with Harry Potter or the savage labels attached to barbarians like Odoacer; but it is the nevertheless within the same context. Today’s sorcery is the mythical media that utilizes its magical potion to contort and mold the minds of the masses, as they view the regurgitated, savage exploits of politicians, policeman, unruly citizens, cultural exploitation and graphic degradation. We are in a time of the exploited voyeur who watches as the show goes on, buying a ticket to the next thrilling moment in spite of its damaging effect on society. It is indeed a minstrel act, often at the cost of depicting a minority (minority in this case being gender and ethnicity) in squalor and destitute and often times portraying them as being belligerent.  My quote from Thundarr The Barbarian stated:  “A strange new world rises from the old”.  This is indeed more fact than fiction as I was given a piece of historical information by a good friend of mine regarding a Congolese man named Ota Benga. You see Ota Benga was a man purchased during the slave trade by Samuel Phillips Verner who was noted for being a hunter of Africans in order to exploit them at exhibitions as primitive beings within the chain of human evolution.  Ota Benga was brought to the United States of America by Samuel Phillips Verner, who would then put Ota Benga on display in the Bronx Zoo’s “Monkey House” as an exhibit. It is said that Ota Benga had “free” run of the grounds when on and off display, but nevertheless this was indeed his place of dwelling.  Part of Ota Benga’s performances included shooting a bow and arrow at targets and performing acts with an orangutan named Dohong. Ota Benga’s display was thought to be a profitable staple act at the Bronx Zoo and was supported by the New York Zoological Society in spite of protests claiming that the Bronx Zoo was indeed treating Ota Benga as if he was lesser than human. The temperament of the times were reflected in a New York Times editorial stating that “pygmies are very low in the human scale” and that it was nonsensical to believe that it was outlandish to display Ota Benga as a sideshow exhibit for viewing.  It would take mounting public pressure before Ota Benga’s would eventually be removed from the display at the zoo in order to try to obtain a normal life. He would try to fit into society while trying to seek a formal education. He would become employed as a tobacco factory worker, but the lure of wanting to return to his native Congo lurked inside his mind often to the point that it would lead to depression and his eventual suicide once learning that his return was impossible.  As I channel this piece into the now we live in, we see people’s lives being displayed in front of camera as a form of entertainment. We bear witness to the spectacle of the downtrodden and the apparent evil doers that commit heinous acts. This is a learned practice taken from a time thought to be less civilized and less empathetic, yet we find ourselves revisiting a time reenactment from an era of savagery and sorcery. Our “Bronx Zoo” is now being televised by way of satellite transmission. Our humanitarianism sits in the same spot as our remote controls; yet the suicide of one’s life is still be committed right in front of our very eyes. Ota Benga was a sideshow for the ticket buyers. Ota Benga a communicator with the animals of the wild. Ota Benga dwelled himself as a man of the wild. But most important Ota Benga was made into something lesser than human for the pure entertainment of others. It was not until someone decided that enough was enough and thought that he deserved to be treated decent and humane that his life changed. This is something I rhetorically propose to my readers today. When are we going to say that enough is enough?  When will we speak up when we see that people are being treated as less than human?  Is evil something we do or is evil something we stand by and let happen without trying to stop it. I’ll let you be the judge and be the conscious of your habits when the next time you decide to visit the zoo. #the zookeeper