The Hood Of America 

“Give a man a mask, and he’ll tell you deeper and darker truths. But he’ll also be more abusive, unaccountable, and demonic.”-Cory Duchesne

There are certain pandemic plagues to which there are no tangible remedies or cures for. Sometimes the infectious root cause or strain origin develops into something so viral to the point where it becomes immune to any sort of antidote or serum. We tend to search for a vaccinating remedy before it reaches this advanced stage, only to find out that we are often too late, as it has reached its pinnacle and has become even more powerful and more potent. The term “disease” is defined as: a definite pathological process having a characteristic set of signs and symptoms. This definition puts such a humanistic characterization on the word, similar to the terminology that defines the word tradition as: characteristic manner, method, or style. Perhaps “disease” and “tradition” are lost long relatives inside the pages of Merriam Webster. Or perhaps they are meant to become a hybrid of word play to form a phraseology that I call “traditional disease”. As we dissect today, July 7th of 2016, we find ourselves amidst adverse times. In my past blog posts, I have found myself discussing the reoccurring social climate that is America today. I have touched on many of the climate changers such as racism, gun violence, raising children, conscious awareness. And yet, after taking a hiatus to work on some of my literary work, I find myself blogging once again about those same climate changers. This is when an epiphany occurred. It was then that I came to the realization that my writing was not just becoming a stagnant pulse, but in fact my writing was indeed the repetitious pulse of the world in which I live in. Yes the “traditional disease” that is often masked in America as democracy and justice, are still showing the signs and symptoms of an abusive, unaccountable and demonic plague known as racism. When a racist has the ability to become a deity to a major political outlet, I ask what does this say about America?  When we have a purported blind, balanced scale of justice that exhibits injustice, prejudicial bias and imbalance, then what does that say about America? When we are said to have journalistic integrity and truth seeking media coverage, only to discover more bias reporting, more agenda driven portrayals and more character defamation. What does this say about America? When empathy is shown based on the hue of the victim on social media and not the severity of the situation. What does this say about America? When religion, race or creed defines whether or not a gun wheeling assailant is either considered a lone wolf or a radical terrorist. What does that say about America? The answer to that question is the same answer it has always been when you unmask America. America has always had a “traditional disease”. Some hide it behind masks, others behind the safety of their computer screen. But if by some Freudian slip, by way of cell phone, political podium or the courtroom, you will sometimes find it in full frontal view for the entire world to see. You will see that America is and has always been radically racist for a very long time and has been telling its citizens this deeper and darker truth since its existence. Our failure is believing that somehow this has changed, yet we ignore that we are indeed more abusive, less accountable and demon like in our actions towards our fellow man/woman depending on their one singular detail; their race. #



One Response to “The Hood Of America ”

  1. It’s very sad when you can’t trust the people who swore to honor, serve and protect. Just when you think things are getting better you are reminded of the reality of our situation. I pray that God will protect and keep us safe.

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