The Last Days of 2015


“America preaches integration and practices segregation”-Malcolm X

Perhaps selecting a quote from Malcolm X (a.k.a. el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz) is apropos, given that at the forefront of the American conscience there have been a few painstaking issues that have occupied every single news reel throughout the country. Race, religion and violence have all been incubated inside of the womb of the media hub, who in turn has revitalize and birthed what I refer to as suppressed bigotry that is now wearing a preposterous disguise called “patriotism”. I will borrow another edict from Malcolm X who stated: “You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it”. Perhaps Malcolm X’s brilliant, oratory deliverance to America never pierced the mental veils of the oppressed and the oppressors. In fact it is reasonable to believe that the oppressor just activated a cloaking device while the oppressed celebrated in a fallacious victory parade in the names of justice and equality. A wise friend of mine once stated that “It’s no longer racism, it is tradition”. So in order for today’s world to be less tolerable of our differences and less empathetic with the loss of life depending on a hue of skin, leads me to believe that America in all of its complexity and its ingenuity, still remains immature and uneducated. I found myself in a discussion with someone (non-African-American) who is God-fearing and religious, who when I broached the subject about the historical impact on the African-American in this country and why we are at this point in America; and his solution was that we needed to move past it and focus on a better tomorrow. Here is where I conflict with even that notion. If you are a person who reads the Bible or the Koran, are these not accounts of previous occurrences that in fact teaches its followers about past transgressions so that you can go into this world with a great knowledge on what to do and what not to do? So one could conclude that religion in itself is a revisionist tool, much like that of American history or world history. When asking people to forget from which he/she came from, is to not only deny them of their origin, but it also deprives them of their plight. It is in America that we speak of the constitution and independence. It is in America that we speak of justice, equality and freedom. It is in America in which we call ourselves ‘The Greatest Country”. But in all of these praise worthy titles and accolades, what America fails to do is acknowledge its transgressions. Donald Trump is America’s drunk uncle who has come to the party and unearthed all of America’s hidden skeletons. We are indeed racist, violent and are well versed discriminatory practices. In these last days of 2015, America stands on a pulpit as preachers, while underneath our religious garb lurks a fluid tail, with a sharpened pitch waiting to pierce who so desires to prohibit us from practicing our rituals. #our horns are still showing

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