Addiction In Our Genes


“In a flick of a flash the torch was lit….She put it to her mouth, and she took a hit….Smoke rushed from her lungs and up to her brain…This was the beginning of the end of Jane”-Shawn Moltke (a.k.a. MC Shan)

“Scottie, help me. I’m gonna die!” was the phrase exclaimed by the drug addicted character Pookie (played by Chris Rock) in the movie New Jack City. This scene all but summed up the fragility of the “recover” as his stint in rehabilitation was still not enough to help him avoid the tempting allure of being a kid in the proverbial candy store, which in this case happened to be a drug compound infamously known as The Carter. I’ve promoted the idea that addiction is far stronger than any man-made drug on the planet. It annihilates families. It is also responsible for poisoning the future lineage that is your legacy and your bloodline. I find myself often proclaiming that we are someone’s child walking around with our parent’s shortcomings and depending on how willing we are to face the truth of those demons, can be the deciding factor in whether we pass along a baton of detriment versus passing along a baton of prosperity to the generations to follow. For the most part, I always choose transparency when discussing my life. I feel that when we dwell in the shadows of those hidden spaces is when we give the agenda seeking demons a license to set up their shops and permission to begin selling us fashionable garments that aid in the accentuation of our insecurities. This is not an endorsement of becoming an extrovert or for one to begin publicizing their intimate, personal business on social media. Basically it’s a call for self-evaluation or what we refer to in my house as a “come to Jesus meeting”, where you at least tell yourself the truth about who you are and the challenges that you are currently facing. This of course is not an easy task as your begin to probe through the doldrums of detriment. In fact you will sometimes become quite disturbed with what you do discover. But my call for discovery is not a quest for comfort, in fact the sole purpose of this said discovery is so that you don’t seek a negative outlet (drugs, alcohol, gambling et al) for comfort amidst adverse times. Our roots are our future by and large, as we are all but one interlocking link on a connective genetic chain. We must be mindful of our weaknesses just as much as we are aware of our talents. I write this on the cusp of Lamar Odom’s recent downward spiral, along with my own personal experiences involving addiction. We are brought into this world sometimes with baggage we never asked to carry. Whether fair or unfair, the vicissitudes that is life often leaves us not in control of the dwelling we are born into, nor the family that we inherit. Our jobs as individuals is to try to break the cycles that ruin our childhood in order to create a healthier childhood for your own children or children that you may mentor. “This was the beginning of the end of Jane” was what the song stated, however there is time to start a new beginning so that you don’t end up like Jane or Pookie for that matter. #addiction

2 Responses to “Addiction In Our Genes”

  1. This is so true one has to be so mindful of addictions especially when you have it in your direct blood line. You may not have the same addiction but you could have their addictive gene. Recognition is the first step in my opinion and then taking action is the next step. Though if you are unable to admit or recognize it where does that leave you?

    • Thank you for your comment, I greatly appreciate it and yes addiction, much like any other hereditary disease, requires that you be both mindful and cognizant of your choices as you are more predisposed than the average person who does not have addictive tendencies in their bloodline.

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