Facebook-The Unmasking of America


“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel and in exchange, put on a mask.” -Jim Morrison

Freedom of speech or freedom of death, was a punctuation exclaimed by Carlton Ridenhour within the lyrical body of his Fight The Power song. This profound proclamation is in essence, the flag by which this country hangs its hat on when trying to describe what this nation is indeed about; which is democracy. In America we can be all you can be as the military slogan campaigns, thus making it a sworn by ideology that we adopt as the mantra for this great nation. I for one, don’t understand the full extent of what being free is, because we are technically still bounded to certain guidelines and boundaries. It is believed that God allows us to be free moral agents with ability to make our own decisions, but there is a price to pay in the end, resulting in either condemnation or an infinite utopia. So what exactly is freedom? And more importantly, is there not a price to pay when making a proclamation to obtain it? There are those who look to execute or obtain it by any means they deem necessary. But undoubtedly there is a repercussion to everything; it is the simple laws of nature and the quintessential yin and yang of dynamic opposites. I guess the most important thing are the repercussions that often seem to end in a devastating trail of destruction. Restraint and discipline are vital as choices of recklessness offers very little in the way of an apology when it is too little and too late. Perhaps this is the America we know more so than that of freedom seeking citizens we stake our flags in the earth as. We are a land of the “now” with no real inference into the possible victimization of others during acquisition of that said “now”. History has taught us that this is our adopted way and by the looks of it, our future continues to expound upon this same declaration tenfold. So I’ve concluded that the mask of “freedom” is somewhat fictitious, as what lurks behind it is the face of the menacing, the vile, the hedonic, the vulgar, the scavenger and the demon. Of course there is that of the righteous, however, the aforementioned list far outweighs that of the just. Over the several years of being a participant on social media, I have realized that America in all of its shining greatness, still bathes in the rotted, fecal waters of a demonic plague. Some may say that I have gone the route of extremist in that analogy and it is to them that I suggest that they take a look inside the crevices of our greatest social gathering that is Facebook.

Facebook; a place once renowned for showing photos of your loved ones and catching up with friends and family afar, has suddenly become an arena for some of the most barbaric, animalistic behavior on terraferma. Facebook has managed to reveal what is in the hearts of many, unveiling the once hidden faces of bigotry, betrayal, degradation, glutton, evil and most of all the unapologetic. Friendships, families and neighbors alike, are lost due to one post taken in or out of context; solidifying the premise that the difference between life and death is in the power of tongue. As Jim Morrison articulated, we trade in a reality for a role, as we often see these roles being acted out right on our mobile devices. Whether it’s a controversial shooting or a political view or people airing out their conscious dirt that they should keep inside their heads. People put their lives and opinions on display, with no regards to the subsequent aftermath that will soon follow. Ask yourself how many people have you had to block or how many people who you would probably not shake the hand of in public ever again. The face of America has been unmasked and there is not enough makeup to cover up the dark circles and the exposed scars that reveal the true facial structure of that someone you once thought you knew well but did not really know at all. Facebook is the book of faces, displaying both the actual photo and the real “negative exposures” as well. This is the America I’ve grown to know. The America who does it by any means, without any thoughts of who it will affect down the line. What mask are you wearing? Or should I wait for you to reveal just who you are? #who was that masked man?

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