And Then There Was Moses (Harriet Tubman)


Araminta Ross, better known to American historians as Harriet Tubman, will finally (Thank You Steven Spielberg) be brought to screen as an HBO biopic, by way of one of the most accomplished actresses to date, Viola Davis. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have for years wondered why this fascinating woman has not been at the forefront of discussion as it relates to her emphatic impact on American history. The woman who went by the alias “Moses” has been pigeonholed as being just the leader of the Underground Railroad movement, however her accomplishments far exceeded that of just a conductor on a freedom train filled with individuals who were seeking liberation. Harriet was a humanitarian, spy and nurse; whose life achievements garnered her a military like burial upon her death. Abolitionist John Brown referred to Harriet as General Tubman, due to her skills as a tactician while aiding him in his militant rebellious raids against slave owners circa 1858. I am personally ecstatic when learning of the news that a powerful woman, will be played by a powerful actress, giving me strong conviction to believe that something beautifully organic will transpire for the world to witness during its inception. I am unapologetic in my campaign for women solidifying their place in history and who better to start with than Harriet Tubman. A true heroine and leader of both men and women. Moses has finally arrived. #warrior woman

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