Comics and Video Games-My Second Childhood


The mortgage payment is due, baby needs new shoes and everyone’s money is acting funny. This is pretty much the etched out screenplay depicting the everyday manifest of a common disease called “adulthood”. Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young was correct, as disposable income has becomes a foreign dialect during the maturing and aging process that is life. It is often a challenge to obtain and ascertain the “extras” or the proverbial “entertainment” purchases once Rodeo Bill circles the wagons around your direct deposit and leaves town before sunset. I guess perhaps this is why I have subscribed to the art of couponing and bargain hunting in order to feed the fiendish crave for my video gaming addiction that may require therapy by the time it is all said and done. Yes, nostalgia always trumps inertia, as I will admit that I have the attention span of a five year old at times when boredom arrives in the form of down trodden people whose conversation surround death, taxes and voyeurism into the lives of fake celebrities that are famous for doing absolutely nothing. Spare time, is a rare time, but it is how you use every minute of your day that is vital to your existence. Adulthood is dealt in spades and served with a shot of whoop ass with no chaser. So for me it is important to live out my days with maturity, while corralling the spirit that is the forgotten child that I often assign to the corner when adults are talking. But is this not where misery truly forms? Is it not here where we forget cognizant reasoning and simplicity? I often say that if you want the truth you ask a child, they only lie about homework and they ultimately live by the one creed of selfishness that tends to evade us as we age. Simply put, they want only what satisfies their “now”, while saluting the future with the longest finger on their hands. To be young, ruthless and unapologetic; the glory days. To be full of life and vigor, while sulking in the sweet nectar of a Slurpee while flipping baseball cards and using an unbridled imagination that dreams are made from. How many miss those years? I most certainly do. The wonder years of yesteryears that seem such a long time ago in a faraway galaxy. Hmmm, wait a minute, I thought I just saw a trailer for a movie this weekend saying that. A time when the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno dazzled as the Incredible Hulk. Wait a minute, didn’t I just see that character in the movie that I saw the trailer about the galaxy faraway? Am I confused or engaging in hyperbole? Ok you got me, hyperbole it is and damn excitement as well. In case you missed the title, I am in my second childhood and I am loving every single minute of it without question. I am on Fantasy Island without Mr. Rourke and the little man calling for an aerial vehicle while pointing towards the mystical clouds. To believe that comic books are alive and dare I say motioning on live film and video games are so realistic that they are like watching a movie, is the dream of anyone born circa 1973 and prior. This is the fountain of youth for us “old heads”, knowing that our heroes, Skywalker, Superman, Batman, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Iron Man et al be all, are going to be a living and breathing part of our current entity, puts goosebumps in places we have probably forgotten existed over the past several years. I won’t even get into my video games like Shadows of Mordor that bring to life a mystic world once dreamt about on a Dungeons and Dragons board game. My second childhood is upon me, as well as upon anyone daring to be a child at the ripe age of whatever your current ripeness is. I don’t know about you, but I will stay submerged in this youthful playground as long as I possibly can before the street lights come on and it is time to return home and get prepared for the working life of a new day. Why should the youth have all the fun? Maybe this is our time to revel in happiness while indulging in Pop Rocks and Now and Later candy. #the young & the restless

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