The Gooch Has Gone Digital


I have zero qualms about dating myself in any facet of my bantering, whether mindless or with the intent to thought provoke. In fact I enjoy being that LP that resonates that grainy feedback from dust once the Technic 1210s needle (weighed down by a quarter) eases its way into the vinyl grooves and pitches that organic, musical Rembrandt throughout a speaker system. Yes I know we are in a Serato era of djaying and I have a profound respect for evolution, however I am a traditionalist who has an even greater respect for the process which leads to the eventual renaissance. Traditional versus modern; there is no right or wrong either way you choose as it is indeed about personal preference. The newfangled, in my opinion, keeps the world spinning on its proverbial axis, giving birth to an untapped realm or a new dimension. If one was to take this statement of mine verbatim, they would probably say it sounds like I am channeling my inner Spock and joining the Enterprise. Ok let me dispel one thing, I’m a not a Treky; I am a Jedi and I enjoy destroying Sith Lords with cool light sabers and hanging out with bad-asteroid Wookies who take pleasure in avoiding relentless bounty hunters and overthrowing the Evil Empire (just in case you were wondering). Needless to say, I drink my beer out of the bottle and not a frosty glass, I take my truth straight up with no chaser and low and behold, I don’t like my “gangster” in digital form. There was a term we use to utilize called “taking it to the streets”, except nowadays that so-called “street” is on the Informational Highway instead of a true interstate. Today when people have issues, they voice it in the form of 250 characters over some social media outlet, which in turn, makes them look like some buffoonish “character” in of itself. I call them keyboard thugs or internet terrorist, whose cowardice behavior has become far more destructive and egregious than any face to face argument I’ve ever witnessed over my life span. That behavior is equivalent to guy/gal who would pick a fight after school, but recruits others to get involved, only to never actually fight themselves. Save the “digital shots fired” for Call Of Duty and stop trolling media sites with the intent of being the digital version of “The Gooch” who was provoking supposed fear but was hidden behind the scenes off camera never to be seen or heard from ever. The difference between life and death is in the power of the tongue they say, however, in this new climate, a few “characters” typing the wrong “characters” can insight riotous and belligerent discord that can send a powerful and emotional shockwave that is both unimaginable and un-retractable. I too enjoy certain ramblings on the media, as the Funkmaster Flex and Jay-Z “beef” was what inspired this blog entry. However when you examine it at its core, this was an argument between to grown men over a digital app and the use of uppercase on a three-letter word “HOV”. There is power in expression and in words. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I enjoy writing. I just have to make sure that I am cognizant of the CAP LOCK button. There is something misguided about adults who engage in childish behavior in an attempt to gain adult type respect. Also, there is no such thing as a digital thug so put the keyboard. In the words of Christopher Wallace “invisible bully…like The Gooch disappear…vamoose, you’re wack to me…take them rhymes back to the factory” #what you talking bout Willis?

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