Dear Pac-Man: You Suck!


Call it bias or perhaps I am just a prisoner of my generation; but I will still emphatically state that I grew up in the greatest era that any one kid could ask for. I can recall a time when the term “neighborhood” was more “neighbor” and less “hood”, as it was not uncommon to leave your front door unlock while you actually visited your neighbors and could often be found eating at their dinner tables. No, we did not have “ADT Security Systems” nor did we “Seal our homes with Slomins”; strangely enough your house was watched by those same neighbors who were also green lit to dole out punishment if God forbid you were caught behaving unruly in their presence. Yes, my generation; the generation who brought you Hip Hop culture and Saturday morning cartoons. The generation in which punishment was being made to go to your room, as you would stare desperately out of the window yearning to play freeze-tag with your friends outside (foreign concept nowadays). It was a time of imagination and conceptualization that forged a world so vast that the simple placement of an ordinary playing card and clothes pin, could convert your then bicycle into a roaring motorcycle whose horsepower output was contingent upon how you desperately you wanted to keep up with your friend peddling ahead of you. As a friend of mine once stated: “We used up all of the fun, it is why this current generation will never have any”. Such a prolific statement indeed, however I will add one caveat to it by saying that “This generation will never appreciate what it is they have because they have never been without”. We live in an “instant milk” era where you just add a little water and it’s suddenly there, all at the expense of forgetting about the cow and the pasteurization process. So I know you are asking what does a cow, a glass of powder milk and Pac-Man have in common? Well blame it on my generation. It is how we use our “imagination” and “conceptualization” to get our point across. Now here comes the breakdown.

I will restate that I am truly bias about “my generation”, however I have always been fascinated by technology. In the words of Jay-Z “I’m a geek about mine”, especially as it relates to the realm of video games. As much as I embrace the childhood where we played in the streets until the street lights illuminated the pavement, one of my most nostalgic childhood memoirs was when my brother and I received an Atari gaming console for Christmas. Countless hours we would spend trying to outwit one another in Tank War, to the point where our hands would hurt from that unforgiving joystick that seemed cemented in concrete when trying to execute maneuvers. Of course we lived through the coin-op gaming phase that saw countless arcade rooms emerge, thus giving birth to a power-pellet munching, ghost avoiding, yellow sphere with a big mouth named Pac-Man. Back in my generation, one could never theorize anything better than that video game, as it spawned a frenzy that is probably the sole reason why gamers like me exist to this very day. This brings about the point and premise for this blog which is “today” or the “now generation”. I have a vast collection of games for a multitude of gaming consoles from Atari to PS3, however upon purchasing the PS4 gaming console, I would be doing it a disservice by stating anything less than being in awe. In particular the game Tomb Raider-Definitive Edition.

I won’t bother you with the plot/premise of the game, but what I will offer is the fact that I don’t know of too many movies that were done better than the production of this video game. There are times where I am left speechless due to its realism, but also due to the fact that my mother’s premise of “If you live long enough you will see everything”, chimes harmonically into fruition. It is amazing to witness the evolution of home gaming systems, stemming from original inception from the innovative minds of Ralph Baer and Jerry Lawson, to the brilliant work of Crystal Dynamics on the aforementioned Tomb Raider-Definitive Edition. Yes my generation invented Hip Hop music and had a vast imagination and the ability to conceptually fabricate dreams into reality; however it is in this generation that we find reality being fabricated to look like a dream in the form of a CD-ROM. This is not a sales pitch for PS4 or Tomb Raider, however this is a sales pitch for the modern innovators out there tinkering on the cusp of genius. Anything is possible if you have a vision and a plan. Who knows, maybe someone will one day say this blog sucks. I will take that as a compliment, as it’s just visionary writing that hopefully one day can inspire others to seek brilliance instead of indulging on power pellets and running from haunting ghosts. P.S. Pac-Man I still got love for you homie. #Sincerely, The Geek Freak

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