Chicago Fire(arms): Episode #18


“Whether you die or kill them, it’s another brother dead
But I know you’ll never get that through your head
Cuz we’re misled and misfed facts, we’re way off
Killing you and killing me, it’s the soliloquy of chaos”

-Keith Elam (Guru of Gang Starr)

I consider myself to be both analytical, as well as, reflective as it pertains to the vicissitudes of life. As I delve into my recent memoirs dating back some several weeks ago, I recall a graduation celebration that I was invited to for a young lady who had recently obtained her bachelors degree. There is something to be said about the eyes of youth, especially when the mind is invigorated and ambitions are highly elevated. The inertia of aspirational dreaming is such a powerful juggernaut of brute force that breaks into the unknown with unapologetic boldness. It is from this “inertia” that innovation occurs and boundaries are pushed, all in the name of setting a new precedence inside the vacant realms of the future. Yes youthful ingenuity is both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In fact, it’s infectious to say the least. But what about the foundational lineage or ancestral descent that paved the way as the accelerant stimuli that led to this said euphoria of “inertia” to exist in the first place? Outside of regurgitative literature and the exploratory vessels of education, I have always accredited my greatest means of learning to that of my surrounding elders. It is in their collective counsel of wisdom that I continue to ingratiate myself with, all in an effort to avoid present and future mishaps that I may encounter in my wishful years to come. So as I reiterate the celebratory festivities of the promising young graduate, I would be remised if I did not bring up the ageless flaunts of beautiful wisdom that is her grandmother. I had the honorable pleasure of sitting in her presence for several hours as we discussed everything from politics to social injustices in this country as seen through her eyes and through mine. I walked away greatly enlightened and with a new perspective on life. Without recounting the context of our entire conversation verbatim, I would like to focus in on one concentrated area of our discussion, which was the disconnected knowledge of African-American children to the adverse conditions endured by that of their forefathers. We both concluded that along the way, one, if not two, generations had dropped the proverbial baton of knowledge when it came to reminding our youth about the price that was paid (usually in death and blood) in order to just obtain freedom, let alone, equal opportunity in itself. The Jewish community has never allowed the world to forget the holocaust, so it behooves me that my community has somehow allowed our seedlings to live in an amnesiac state of existence with no concept or sense of historical attachment. The disenfranchisement and segregation of African-Americans is still just as prevalent in our modern times, with one disclaimer attached to it. That disclaimer is we are choosing to go back into the cotton fields (prison) and we are lynching ourselves (guns) like “Strange Fruit” on television for the world to see. Yes, we are losing the battle of “Psychological Warfare” that was systematically implemented long before this blog was ever written. Sadly enough, we have become the lab rats in experimental test trial, but the question remains, who is in charge of the “Scientific Control”? Over the 2014 4th of July celebration weekend (July 1st-July 7th) the city of Chicago had 18 homicides by way of the gun, all of African-American descent, ranging between the ages of 16 to 44. Although not verified with regards to the ethnicity makeup, there were an additional 60 people wounded by way of shootings during the three-day weekend as well. From the year 2003 to 2011, there were a total of 4,797 homicides reported in Chicago, 4,265 of those homicide victims (75%) were African-American. This total almost is double the amount of American lives lost in Afghanistan from October 7th 2001 to current. These statistics are mind-blowing and bordering on the cusp of inhumane behavior. We are at an extinction level event, in which the mere sounding off of an alarm is irrelevant and nonsensical at this point. The premise of a real life purge is unveiling right before our very eyes with no movie script required. The once proud African-American communities that once aspired for a better life due to the oppressive nature of society, is now squandering those aspirations inside a coroner’s office due to self-inflicted, terroristic behavior. No longer are men donning white hoods and riding horses into towns and burning crosses. The modern-day methodology is to inject illegal firearms into the society and let them do the work for us. One may ponder whether the solution is tougher gun laws or better educational opportunities. But I tend to ponder whether or not the poison of degradation has festered way pass the point of mere infectious puss to where no medicinal cure is readily available? The days of great leadership and community activists are both disappearing and corrupt, as we find musicians often reselling the poisonous victimization back into their communities as a means to obtain both fame and profit. It’s startling to realize that prior generations died for a purpose, now we are ready to die for insignificance and usually it is by the hands of our own brethren. I would like scream aloud for my people to “awaken”, but the problem is, is that their music is too loud and they are too turned-up to hear me. #no solution #caught by the devils lasso

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