Derek Jeter: Class Is In Session


Perpetual greatness is often what many of us aspire to achieve. To reach this pinnacle, one must be willing to submerge his or her self into a continuum of relentless sacrifice and a non-stop work ethic, all while being held to the baptismal “fire and brimstone” of high criticism, as well as, the forever present adverse vicissitudes of life. The saying goes “Many are called, but the chosen are few”, as we are rarely able to bear witness to prolific greatness that is combined with a personification of unparalleled class and dignity. In an era of social media, along with, living inside a fish bowl of a metropolis that is widely known as the “Center of The World”; to believe that a non-married, wealthy, and often believed to be, amorous, modern-day athlete could leave behind a legacy filled with crowning accolades, record-setting performances and a resume of multiple championships without a fault or blemishes attached to them; all but solidifies a career worthy of being immortalized in the form of a statuesque, bronze casting. Our infatuation with being voyeurs to awaiting train wrecks, has all but diluted and tainted the definition of what a true role model entails. We often marvel at the charismatic cache of the iconic figures, but never truly revel enough inside the realms of their character. No one expects perfection, however, there is something to be said about being well polished and professional. There is also something to be said about being an agent of diligence and dedication. The unfortunate temperament of the moralistic fiber of the collective compass of human society, makes the penchant to routinely witness such individuals uniquely rare. The terminology of “Once In A Lifetime” is reserved for those individuals who transcend their craftsmanship and catapult themselves amongst the upper echelon towards legendary status. I challenge anyone to find another modern athlete of such ilk; such grandeur and such grace, who could surpass the beloved man simply known as “The Captain” to New York Yankee fans. To quote pioneer hip hop artist M.C. Shan “This a place where stars are born…”; I cannot help but to conclude that phrase by saying that New York is also a place where legends are made and icons become gods. Without question, these distinctions are being serenaded upon Derek Jeter, as he concludes what has been one of the most prolific careers in the annals of sports lure. His many accolades have been discussed ad nauseam, however, there is something still left to be said about his honorable mystique. As the curtain falls on the 2014 MLB season, one of its greatest ambassadors of the game will take his final curtain call as well. Not only will the sport of baseball lose one of its greatest gems, but the young fans of the game will also lose the quintessential template of a role model. We as a society are starving for, and are in need of, more Derek Jeter types who not only play the game the right way, but also understands how to carry themselves in the right way as well. As a Yankee fan, I want to thank Derek Jeter for not only helping to deliver championships to the franchise, but I would also like to thank him for conducting himself in a manner worthy of high praise. I am an “old school” type of person and without question, it is Derek Jeter’s character that I will miss more than his timely hitting and stunning highlight reels. Derek Jeter; the epitome of greatness and class personified. Take a bow captain! #I salute you

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