Movie In Review: The Wolf of Wall Street


“Wow!” would be the most elicit and appropriate phrase to start with when trying to describe the unstable lightening bolt in a bottle that is The Wolf of Wall Street. This is by no means a review excoriating the film’s brilliance nor to ridicule the actor’s/actress’s performances. In fact the “unstable lightening bolt” terminology is the most befitting descriptive I could come up with as it pertains to what you will come away feeling after watching what should be considered one of the most exuberant biopic portrayals to date. At the seemingly savant like directive guidance of Martin Scorsese, The Wolf of Wall Street burrows us deep inside the dark realms of greed, lust, power, sex, drugs and unapologetic profanity. And who better to take on the lead role amidst such brash controversy other than Leonardo DiCaprio. There is no viable reason why Leonardo DiCaprio should not be considered one of the best actors in Hollywood. His depiction of convicted former stockbroker (now entrepreneur/motivational speaker) Jordan Belfort, all but solidifies his status amongst the top echelon in the industry. I have yet to recall an actor who utilized physicality as an acting device (see: country club scene) the way that Leonardo DiCaprio did in this film. I am not sure of the accuracy of Leonardo’s performance as it relates to that of Jordan Belfort’s actual life, but Leonardo turned a wolf into a rock star. Not to be overshadowed is the incredible performance given by Jonah Hill as the character Donnie Azoff. Jonah Hill, who is mostly noted as being a comedic actor, is slowly cutting his teeth as a brilliant character actor (see Moneyball 2011) as well. The onscreen cohesion between both he and Leonardo, all but seal the deal on this wondrously provocative film. The Wolf of Wall Street is available at your local Redbox kiosk. I highly recommend that you go rent it today.

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