Restaurant Review: Jamaican Bickle (Uniondale N.Y)


“Feeling Irie!” is a Jamaican Patois expression, which loosely translates as one feeling “alright” or feeling powerfully appeased. This feeling of elation, I can say with strong conviction, is what any person who enjoys eating signature delicacies from the region widely known as “The Caribbean”, will resoundingly state when eating food from Jamaican Bickle located at 327 Oak Street, Uniondale N.Y.. I recently had some food catered by Jamaican Bickle for my wife’s 40th Birthday celebration and it was by far an instant hit at the party. I ordered a tray of Jerk Chicken and Curry Chicken, both which were plentiful to the point where we had to end up giving away a plethora of food out fear that we would never be able to finish it all by ourselves. The owner of Jamaican Bickle, Devon, has the perfect culinary touch when it comes to resonating that true, authentic island flavor. His take-out orders are pallet pleasing and abundant, all while being extremely affordable as well. I have made the 60 mile trek to Jamaican Bickle from my house several times now, which is a clear indication of just how great the food actually is. If you want to “Feel Irie” while indulging in Caribbean cuisine, head over to Jamaican Bickle (near Hofstra University). They do not serve up disappointments only outstanding food. Happy eating.

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