America on Coke (Cola)


“O beautiful for Pilgrims’ feet, whose stem impassioned stress, A thoroughfare for freedom beat”. The excerpt preceding this statement is a line from the song America The Beautiful. Albeit the Star Spangled Banner is America’s designated National Anthem, America The Beautiful still holds a certain credence in the hearts of many Americans as it pertains to nationalism. I for one, always enjoyed the rendition that was sung by the late Ray Charles. It’s lyrics seems to embody the true spirit that is the so called “American Way”. A spirit that is often summed up by the age-old cliche of “it’s about as American as apple pie”. But I tend to ask; “What is the American Way?” and “What makes America so beautiful?”. When examining some of the language utilized in the fore mentioned excerpt, I concentrated on three key words: “Pilgrims”, “Thoroughfare” and “Freedom”. We are pretty much assured that the “Pilgrims” mentioned within the confines of the lyrical arrangement is in reference to the English settlers who established a colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. The word “Freedom” at the core of its most translative state means to liberate. This leads us to the word “Thoroughfare”. Thoroughfare is defined as: “A road or path forming a route between two places”. So if we were to conjunctively place the three keywords of my focal point together in the order transcribed in the lyrical line above, it would read as follows: “Pilgrims who traveled from one place to another in order to gain freedom”. If my interpretation can be considered valid, then one could surmise that America The Beautiful is celebrating those who traveled to this very country in order to seek the freedoms associated with the “spacious skies”, the “waves of grain” and “the purple mountain majesties”. Some experts believe that the English settlers of 1620, were actually seeking religious freedom and decided to leave their country to find asylum on these very soils as alluded to in the song. America, in all of its splendor and all of its democratic glory, has always opened its borders to the world at large. This country has accepted the religious outcasts, the human traffickers and dare I say those who were demonic enough to murder and annihilate cultures. But is this not the American way? Is this not what makes America beautiful? America has always welcomed everyone into the confines of its borders in spite of their resumes or their cultural beliefs. America was in fact built on the strong backs of foreign labor/immigration. Apparently the research department at Coca Cola realized that America was a melting pot of inclusion as opposed to exclusion. Perhaps this is why their Super Bowl commercial went the route of showing the multinational and multicultural kaleidoscope that is America, while America The Beautiful was being sung in different languages in the background. The out-pour of rage that permeated over this ad campaign, all but solidifies the lack of education and intellectual advancement in this country as a whole. This sense of entitlement by those suggesting they own rights to this country from a hereditary misconception, all but provides ammunition that the fear of their own extinction on the casting ladder is at the forefront of their thinking, as humanity dies on the table of what was once known as democracy. Terminology such as “they have taken over”, “they are over-populating us” and “they should learn to speak English” were all applicable to the ancestral forefathers who are often alluded to or referenced to by those who are in opposition of companies or concepts that suggest inclusion. What if the Native Americans, who took in those same Pilgrims, had pontificated those same statements? How many of those who oppose this ad would even be here to speak with such fervent ignorance? America is beautiful because of its patchwork of citizens whose ancestors traveled a great distance for freedom and opportunity. This is the American way, as we are the land of opportunity and dare I add, the land of second chances. What brings the ignorance full circle is the fact that exclusion is the rallying call of those who are standing up for this supposed sacred song, when in fact the person who wrote the song would probably endorse inclusion. Her name was Katharine Lee Bates and she was gay. #America-America

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