In Review: Movie: Ride Along


Prior to the start of any feature film, you will always get several green screen trailers for movies scheduled for release in the future. In fact, it was many moons ago that I went to a movie and received a questionnaire regarding a potential movie in the making. The question that was posed was “Would you be interested in watching a movie co-starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan”? I checked yes, because after watching Chris Tucker in the movie Friday and also growing up a fan of Kung Fu movies, I was very familiar with the unbounded, charismatic antics of Jackie Chan. To my surprise in the future, a little movie debuted called Rush Hour and of course the rest is history. So in reliving my nostalgic, nerd moment, I return to several months ago. I was awaiting the start of a movie and low and behold, the trailer for Ride Along, starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, came on the screen. Now Kevin Hart is perhaps one of the funniest people in America. If you never saw”The Real Husbands of Hollywood” or “Act Like A Woman..Think Like A Man”, please do yourself a huge favor and watch both. I promise you that if laughter was meant to come in small packages, then Kevin Hart owns the UPS Dropbox company. He is a brilliant comedian who has taken self-defecating humor to an impeccable level. Of course we all know the accoutrements of Ice Cube; whether it’s as a member of NWA or through his movie series Friday or Barbershop. The actor with the stoic, yet humor-filled “gangster face” has been able to transition himself as an accomplished movie producer and actor for quite some time now, building up a pretty impressive resume. So knew would conclude that placing Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in the same movie, would go together like an ice tea and lemonade blend, right? Hmmm, not exactly. I am not sure where the drop off occurred. Kevin Hart played the quintessential rent-a-cop (Ben) who had ambitions of becoming a real life police officer. Ice Cube played the role of James, the no-nonsense, gritty detective who just so happens to be the overprotective big brother of Kevin Hart’s character’s live in girlfriend Angela; played by Tika Sumpter of Tyler Perry’s “The Have and The Have Nots”. The storyline was tailor-made for the accident waiting to happen scenario, however this movie wasted all of its funny material on its commercial trailer. There are gaps in between the laughter, porous chemistry between the stars, leaving only one memorable moment for me in a beginning car chase scene. You would think between the supporting cast of John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne, along with up and coming comedian Jay Pharoah, that this would be a can’t miss movie. Well unfortunately you can miss the theatre and wait for it on Redbox. Ride Along takes you on a ride to nowhere extremely funny. Save your money.

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