The Life After Death


Preparation is always thought to be the one controllable attribute that we as humans can execute. Even the cliché goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, however, there are certain occurrences in life that we are never quite truly prepared for. I read countless Facebook postings regarding the loss of life recently and I harken back to my own trials and tribulations when my family had to face the Grimm Reaper and his cavalry of minions. We stare facets of death square in the eyes each and every day, yet we are never prepared for its eventual outcome. Now this is not a soliloquy on life insurance or will preparation (albeit they are important); nor is this a call for religious salvation for your soul. The purpose of this is for the survivor(s) who will have to endure and encounter the hardships associated with finding life after the death of a loved one(s).

We are living in a time in which death is a ricocheting bullet with an unpredictable pathway when seeking its next unexpected target. There was a time when the youth could envision a long life filled with promise, however, incidents like the shooting at Sandy Hook, all but solidified that no future is ever promised. Although death is a luminous cloud that hovers over our existence, the vicissitudes of life often move with such transitional swiftness, that we often lose track of the seemingly evasive entity commonly known to us as “quality time”. My reiteration to most is that you get one set of parents or parental figures in your lifetime, so one should never take that for granted no matter what the governing circumstances are surrounding your personal relationship with them. Learn to replace hatred with love, as it is the most prolific combatant to a broken heart or a lost soul. Hug your loved ones, as we know not the hour nor the day in which they may no longer be available to us. Embrace the family structure, although it is admittedly a daunting task due to the ever-present elements of jealousy, envy, arrogance, materialism, hatred, animosity and greed. Those are agents of destruction and chaos, that require a great wisdom when facing their adversarial barrage of bullets when pointed in your direction. These philosophical ideas are not derived from a sociological study, but from my personal life experiences. I share these drops of wisdom with you as a prelude to the eventual death that will occur in all our lives at one point in time. Nothing erases the pain, however, having no regrets will allow for closure when knowing that you were forever present in their lives. After a death has occurred in your life is when you will need more than ever the support of your family and your friends. You will also need some sort of spiritual advisor or counseling, because “self-healing” turns into “self-destruction” and the adoption of detrimental vices that will prohibit the healing process. Join a support group if you have to as this is not the time to face this challenge alone. These are just some of the tools I’m offering from an advisory perspective that can help you in your life after the death of a loved one. I pray that my advise can be of good use to someone in the future. #healing

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