In Review: Movie: Elysium


I find myself often confused about why brilliant actors/actresses take on certain scripts when evaluating a role for a movie. Take Will Smith for instance. He passed up the feature role in the movie series The Matrix (made Keanu Reeves ecstatic) in order to sign on to star in arguably one of the most horrendous movies to date; Wild Wild West. Yes some movies fall into that “Battlefield Earth” category which constitutes the burning of all merchandise, action figures and any and all film guild licensed memberships awarded to the director and script writers respectively. To this ode of “Burning All Pollutions Tonight” I might as well add another log to the fire and add Elysium to that list as well. Matt Damon is by far one of my favorite actors. From Goodwill Hunting to The Talented Mr. Ripley, it is hard to deny his proverbial acting chops. But even in all of his brilliance, there was no way that even he could carry this film to the finish line of success. I would start with the script and point out its many flaws, however I don’t even know when the script actually began. You are seemingly dropped into a desolate storyline that mirrored the apocalyptic back drop of a fallen world. There is a strange dialect being spoken, which could have been Spanish perhaps, yet the ethnicity of the extras seemed to be of Middle Eastern descent. This movie was Mad Max meets a low-budget Terminator with a vacuum cleaner hose exoskeleton suit (trust this is no exaggeration). And to believe that Jodie Foster was in this movie and looked like an extra for Revenge of The Nerds, all but sums up the wasted hour plus of my life that I spent watching this dreadful film. Don’t rent it and definitely do not buy it unless it is being utilized as a replacement for a lump of coal in a Christmas stocking. #epic fail

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