In Review: Movie: Out Of The Furnace


We have all had our times when the ominous signs of a day/night sort of forewarns us as to what we could be in-store for in the waning of its remaining hour(s). My sign(s) came when I started the car and proceeded to enter the highway to hell (ode to AC/DC) and venture out on an extremely rainy night trying to avoid every “Cornholio” who obtained their license from a stale box of Fruit Loops, just to ensure a safe arrival for dinner on our weekly date night. The plan was to see a movie and go to dinner, in that order, except time restriction reared its ugly head in the form of relentless phone calls that set us back from leaving the house as expected (first ominous sign). Of course, “date night” will not be thwarted by anything other than blizzard conditions, so we ended up eating first then going to the movie second. We figured dinner would absorb some of down time in between the next start time for the movie, so we decided to head to the classic time killing machine better known as Red Lobster. Rarely have we ever just walked in and been immediately led to our table in under forty minutes. So as we enter, expecting a long line from here to Alaska, there was no line. We were seated immediately (second ominous sign). So after eating slower than a country mile in order to kill time, we paid our bill and decided to re-enter the “highway to hell” and head to the movie theatre with approximately an hour still left to absorb. A slow drive on a wet asphalt is an apropos title for this night, as we finally arrived at the theatre. We waited in the car until it was minutes before the movie started and proceeded to go purchase our tickets. Be mindful that we go to this particular theatre all the time because we are cost conscious and this theatre is usually $8.00 per ticket. I go to purchase the tickets and realize that they have increased their ticket prices to $9.50 (third ominous sign) with no signs of cosmetic changes to their dilapidated interior/exterior appearance. But of course we paid, because the trailer to the movie “Out Of The Furnace” impressed me enough to endure the hardships of travel just to see its debut opening. Come on, Christian Bale is a brilliant actor, Woody Harrelson’s character seemed menacing, Forrest Whitaker is never not brilliant and Zoe Saldana did Colombiana (kick asteroid movie), so of course I want to see this movie. Then as the movie begins, I realize that Willem Defoe also has a featured role. What could possibly go wrong? The answer to that question? Everything! In fact I’m willing to bet that my writing of this “slow drive on a wet asphalt” diatribe is more Cannes Film Festival worthy, then this horrendously bad film. I won’t bother to tell you about the plot because there wasn’t one. I won’t bother to tell you about the climax, because there wasn’t one. This movie was Eyes Wide Shut meets U Turn bad, as its mindless storyline leads you on a tail chase that never seems to leave the dreary backdrop of the small town factory setting. The trailer is very misleading, as it suggests that there could be an actual story, but trust me, this a waste of both skin and energy that one should not go see based on their fandom for Bale, Whitaker or Harrelson. This is not even Redbox rental worthy and should come with an EP rating for extremely pathetic. Save your money and preserve your priceless time watching your eyelids close. I am more than sure that act alone would be more exciting than watching Out Of The Furnace.

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