Technology Review: XBox One


I’m an avid gamer to say the least, albeit I’m not one of those classic geeks that marinate for hours on end in front of a television to the point where the ottoman becomes jealous. No I am the casual gamer, who is probably living out my deprived childhood when home gaming consoles were the equivalence to asking your parents for a Mercedes Benz is nowadays. Yes I was part of the “coin-op” generation that wasted countless quarters in the hopes of getting Frogger across the street before getting splattered on the road or trying to rescue Mario’s often kidnapped girlfriend Pauline from the evil clutches of an ape gone wild in the classic game Donkey Kong. Yes, I grew up with the Atari and recalled thinking that when the Nintendo NES came out, that nothing could get much better then Super Mario Brothers. Well of course as I play Uncharted 2 (extraordinary game by the way) I realize just how far the home gaming consoles have come. I am fortunate enough to own both a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 (told you I was a deprived child) and I have a pretty extensive list of games for them both. I will admit that I utilize my PS3 more, as I find that the graphics are better for the most part and of course there is no additional fee for online play. So when hearing about the new release of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, I was more interested in seeing what the Xbox One had to offer more so then the Playstation 4, because I’m pretty satisfied and content with the PS3 for the most part. I had an opportunity to get some insight from an XBox representative over the weekend at the XBox One display at Best Buy. I had a chance to play the racing game Forza, which is a game tailor made for the Xbox One console. Now let me explain what I mean by tailor made for a moment. The Xbox representative informed me that certain games were tailored to fit the Xbox One by the utilization of special technology that adheres to the nuances of the new system. This is what creates the outstanding graphics and processing engine that makes the game come alive, however, not all games for the console are made using this special technology. Some of the available games were basically sewn together to become compatible with the console based on old technology that has been merged to become applicable on the new system (same applies to PS4 by the way) for play. This is where you will find that certain games appear less vibrant and look less appealing then others. The XBox One is not a grandfathered system that will allow you to play Xbox 360 games, so you will have to start up a new library of game titles as well. The system cost is $499.00, which is a pretty lofty price to say the least. I don’t see a significant amount of difference that would warrant my pursuit of this, unless this was my first ever gaming system purchase. Even then I would pause on the purchase, because the PS3 is extremely affordable now on Amazon used, with bundle packages that include four games at a cost of $200.00 plus. Same applies to those seeking PS4s. If Xbox One is a must have and you can justify the purchase price, then please proceed, but for the cautious consumer, be $200.00 wise instead of $500.00 foolish and get the PS3. And remember “Dont hate the player just beat the game”.

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