Restaurant Review: Mexican Grill 2000 (Patchogue)


The old adage states that “wherever I lay my hat is my home”, well I will reboot that phrase by saying “wherever my appetite finds a fork, I will eat there”. I embrace the culinary adventure no matter if it’s the quintessential high-end restaurant or the perpetual hole-in-the-wall establishment. To me, great food transcends the elements of elegance, as the true measure of a great recipe is simplistically summarized in the answering of two questions: 1) Were you satisfied? and 2) Would you eat there again? If the answer to both inquiries is yes, then decor should never be a deterrent. It is this food philosophy that has led me to some of the best Mexican food reasonable money can buy. The place: Mexican Grill 2000 located at 703 Route 112, Patchogue NY.

If you visit this place during the nighttime hours, you may have a hard time visually finding it, as it is nestled inside of a strip mall, wedged between a Chinese Take-Out joint and a Bagel place. A simple stencil on the front glass (Mexican) is a clear indicator of the type of cuisine they offer. As you enter the establishment it screams “take-out” as it has limited seating and a less than perfect sign that lists all the food they offer. The staff is quiet, yet friendly, as they patiently await your decision. We ordered a spicy chicken burrito and a taco assortment of chicken, beef and fish. We grabbed a seat and the guy who took our order met us at the table with fresh tortilla chips and homemade salsa. Both were extremely delectable and restaurant quality, it just so happened to be in disposable paper-ware. Soon after, our main entree arrived (also in disposable paper-ware) and we immediately decided to dig in with anticipation. The end result? This was some of the most amazing Mexican food that I have eaten to date and at an extremely affordable price. The place is continuously busy, which is a great indicator that the food must be good. So if you are like me and care more about your appetite than your ambiance, head over to Mexican Grill 2000. They don’t serve disappointment on their menu. #bon appetit

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