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Bully-Ball: No Longer Incognito

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Drugs, thugs, murderers, thieves, villains and psychopaths; is all but a short list of inescapable mainstays within the community that is the National Football League. We have seen the Ray Caruths, the Aaron Hernandezes and yes, the celebrated icons like Ray Lewis, all but quantify that this is not a league of saints, but more of a botanical garden filled with the spawns of satan. It was a grave insult to the public when the now infamous “Bounty Gate” was unveiled, and the NFL and it’s acting commissioner Roger Goodell, denied all culpability and denigrated the New Orleans Saints, claiming they were unaware of such acts being portrayed under their collective noses. A very good, strategic implementation of spin doctoring on their behalf, however lets be very candid about what millions of television viewers and patrons tune in to or attend the venues of on Sundays to see; it’s called violence. And in order to have a violent results, you must first have violent participants. We saw this with the Roman Coliseums and it’s gladiators, with the only difference being the legal liabilities that can now follow the beastly acts that are committed in our modern day version. So as we find ourselves in the wake of the Richie Incognito scandal and his alleged terroristic ploys against Jonathan Martin, which included racial epithets and violent threats, should we be surprised that this went on within the confines of an NFL culture bred on violence? After hearing the racially laced verbiage spewed by Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles, should there be out and out shock at the idea that the “N” word may be a part of that culture as well? And why is it far fetched to believe that an organization such as the Miami Dolphins could be part and parcel to a conspiracy coverup, when the golden franchise, which is the New England Patriots, knew of Hernandez’s past discretions, yet still employed him as a major part of their immediate future. So I continue to inquire, why are people shocked? Most importantly, why is the NFL shocked? Are they shocked that it happened or are they shocked that it was made public? Former NY Giant linebacker, Antonio Pierce, stated on ESPN’s First Take, that if the public knew about the inner workings of a locker room, that they would be both mortified and outraged. One would have to ponder whether this is the acceptable, standard culture of an NFL team or just an isolated incident instigated by a player who took things too far? Or one could also ask, whether or not Jonathan Martin was suited to be part of this violent, moral-less fraternity. Perhaps there is truth in both theories, however, being shocked of this behavior in the NFL should not be one of them. You don’t go to a firing range expecting to not hear bullets, so one must surmise the same when seeking violent entertainment such as the NFL. The NFL should stand for “not for lightweights” especially when you may have a heavy heart. #It is what it is


Restaurant Review: Besito (Huntington, NY)

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Fridays in my household are the designated “date night” in an effort to continue the romancing of the stone in our now 8 years of unbridled, marital bliss. It gives us time to reconnect as a couple and to discuss the important aspects of marriage like lawn care, appliances and the forever famous “you are not going to believe what I’m about to tell you”. Yes love is a multidimensional device that will continue to evolve into movie critiques and prolific pondering on how much tip the waiter/waitress deserves. In any or event, “date night” can sometimes turn into a “great night”, depending on your venue of choice. Thank goodness I married a woman who understands that the key to a man’s heart is not in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari seat, but in the deep confines of a chocolate lava cake. It was my wife’s choice of venue that would become the driving concept behind this particular blog in question. The place: Besito; located at 402 New York Avenue, Huntington NY.

Besito, translated from Spanish to English (see Google Translate) means kiss. I am more than sure that after delving into this fine cuisine, you will want to place a nice wet one on the facial cheek of the head chef. The minute you pass through the threshold of the entranceway, the festive ambiance and radiant atmosphere greets you kindly at the front door. It’s low lighting is seductive and embraces the ranging spectrums of its brown toned decor. The seating is a bit crowded, but you manage to find your intimacy with your dining partner(s). A very friendly and attentive wait staff, that requires no prodding, is quickly relegated to your table to provide for your every need. Now to the the creme de la creme; the food. Your meal will come with complimentary house made tortilla chips and fresh house salsa; both which are extremely pallet pleasing. We started off with an appetizer of fish (Mahi-Mahi) tacos, which was spicy and delicious. Both of our main courses were the Budin de Mariscos, which was a tortilla pie of shrimp and jumbo lump crab, spiced tomato salsa, queso Chihuahua over a poblano cream sauce. I won’t even try to find the words to explain just how delectable this Mexican delight is, because there are none. It is a remarkable dish you must experience up front and personal with your fork. And what is a complete dinner without dessert? I will warn you to walk away if you are a caloric counter, but if you are one of those “I’m starting my diet on Monday” people; then throw cautions ass to the wind and try the chocolate cake with fresh berries (not featured on menu but is a part of their dessert ensemble). Trust me, they will need to call the National Guard in order to stop you from finishing it off. Besito is by far, one of the better dining experiences I’ve had and I highly recommend this restaurant for both great Mexican cuisine and a fine dining experience. #bon appetite

In Review: Movie: Gravity

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*Sigh*; ok I know that the sighing does a disservice to my blog, as I usually attempt to be more crafty in revealing my opinion in order to entice my readers to continue reading on. But in trying to keep an open and honest rapport with my audience, I won’t bore you with a playful pundit exchange. I am going to say it like it is, this movie was horribly overrated. I have always been a fan of Sandra Bullock’s work, from Speed, The Net, Miss Congeniality, The Heat and to of course her Oscar winning performance in The Blindside. Gravity by far was the one time that she should have never shot for the moon in trying to better her career. First and foremost, George Clooney is one of the most overrated actors in our modern times. His smug demeanor on film is passed off as charm and charisma; but I think it masks the fact that his acting has always been subpar at best (see Batman and get back to me). With that being said, his acting, coupled with a script that is the space version of Tom Hanks’ Castaway, made this a doomsday device awaiting detonation. Sandra is usually adaptable in any role, as her down to earth persona is always a welcoming delight on film. In this particular role it was not enough to carry the lackluster and unimaginative script that used the planet Earth as an unworthy antagonist. The movie could have used a few flashbacks and perhaps the haunting voice of James Earl Jones and his infamous asthmatic vocal back drop to create a feeling of terror. This is the typical trailer saturated promoted movie that falls short on delivering the goods. I cannot recommend this movie and I won’t suggest Redbox. Save your money and your time.