Artist Spotlight: Musician-Octavia Harris


Iconography is a fancy terminology, that when broken down into its several interpretations in both it’s Greek and Russian roots, basically means “written image”. It is also defined as a certain way of depicting a subject matter as well. No greater example of an individual with this said ability, is that of a musician. It is through their musical arrangements and their accompanying lyrics, that we often become enthralled in their personal depiction of happiness, love, pain and triumph. Many define this as an act of storytelling that is enhanced by a soundtrack of life. Perhaps this is where the term “art imitating life” was derived from. Perhaps this is what also makes an artist like Octavia Harris, uniquely bold; yet delicately brilliant. I was given her press kit by her manager, Jonathan Clarke (a.k.a Clarke Kent) and was asked to give an honest assessment of her music on my blog. Upon reading her press kit information, the first thing that I noticed was the moniker heading that read: “Rapper, Singer, Producer, Prostitute, Lesbian, Christian”. Not what I was initially expecting when he, a dedicated man of faith himself, told me that he had a Christian Hip Hop Artist he was managing. However, that moniker intrigued me enough to continue reading her biography. It is in this continued reading that the controversial monicker dissipates and the unfolding of a woman and her praise plight are revealed. Her anthem “Never”, off of her highly anticipated 2014 solo album entitled “Be Myself”, repeatedly states in the chorus “You will never take my soul”. Upon listening to this track, I would say that Octavia is undoubtedly correct in her presumptive declaration; as her soul, passion and faith are at the forefront of her artistic delivery. The beat is right in the atmospheric realm of Lil Jon, while Octavia’s unique lyrical deliverance is refreshingly innovative. You may find yourself not believing Christian Hip Hop could actually have street credential, but this song transcends from the home surround sound system to the back speakers of your trunk flawlessly; minus the profanity and the misogyny. Octavia states in her press kit: “Anybody can make millions selling sex, that’s easy. The challenge is to make a million without selling sex”. Well with tracks like I don’t see why that would be an impossible feat for Octavia. I ventured back to some of Octavia’s prior work and found unique songs like “Get 2 The Cross” and “The God In You” to be eclectically diverse, as her versatility makes her virtually limitless to both genre and style. Octavia Harris’ statement of “Give them hope through an understanding of their gifts” is both reflective and inspiring. I expect her up and coming album “Be Myself” will show the world that she truly understands her gift. Octavia Harris’ “Never” is available for purchase on ITunes. I strongly suggest that you check out her single and keep an eye on this rising star in the making. #Be Myself 2014

2 Responses to “Artist Spotlight: Musician-Octavia Harris”

  1. Exceptionally well-written…thoroughly enjoyed the read. GOD bless!

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