Restaurant Review: Besito (Huntington, NY)


Fridays in my household are the designated “date night” in an effort to continue the romancing of the stone in our now 8 years of unbridled, marital bliss. It gives us time to reconnect as a couple and to discuss the important aspects of marriage like lawn care, appliances and the forever famous “you are not going to believe what I’m about to tell you”. Yes love is a multidimensional device that will continue to evolve into movie critiques and prolific pondering on how much tip the waiter/waitress deserves. In any or event, “date night” can sometimes turn into a “great night”, depending on your venue of choice. Thank goodness I married a woman who understands that the key to a man’s heart is not in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari seat, but in the deep confines of a chocolate lava cake. It was my wife’s choice of venue that would become the driving concept behind this particular blog in question. The place: Besito; located at 402 New York Avenue, Huntington NY.

Besito, translated from Spanish to English (see Google Translate) means kiss. I am more than sure that after delving into this fine cuisine, you will want to place a nice wet one on the facial cheek of the head chef. The minute you pass through the threshold of the entranceway, the festive ambiance and radiant atmosphere greets you kindly at the front door. It’s low lighting is seductive and embraces the ranging spectrums of its brown toned decor. The seating is a bit crowded, but you manage to find your intimacy with your dining partner(s). A very friendly and attentive wait staff, that requires no prodding, is quickly relegated to your table to provide for your every need. Now to the the creme de la creme; the food. Your meal will come with complimentary house made tortilla chips and fresh house salsa; both which are extremely pallet pleasing. We started off with an appetizer of fish (Mahi-Mahi) tacos, which was spicy and delicious. Both of our main courses were the Budin de Mariscos, which was a tortilla pie of shrimp and jumbo lump crab, spiced tomato salsa, queso Chihuahua over a poblano cream sauce. I won’t even try to find the words to explain just how delectable this Mexican delight is, because there are none. It is a remarkable dish you must experience up front and personal with your fork. And what is a complete dinner without dessert? I will warn you to walk away if you are a caloric counter, but if you are one of those “I’m starting my diet on Monday” people; then throw cautions ass to the wind and try the chocolate cake with fresh berries (not featured on menu but is a part of their dessert ensemble). Trust me, they will need to call the National Guard in order to stop you from finishing it off. Besito is by far, one of the better dining experiences I’ve had and I highly recommend this restaurant for both great Mexican cuisine and a fine dining experience. #bon appetite

2 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Besito (Huntington, NY)”

  1. If we come to New York, can we go to Besito. I’m sure the company we’ll keep will make it even better.

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