Remembering The Answer: Allen Iverson


It was approximately 8 plus years ago when my wife and I decided take a few days off and head to what we deem as our “second home”, which is Philadelphia, PA. We have always been very fond of “Philly” because of its shopping, dining experiences and nightlife. There is one place in particular that we would often attend and it was a bar lounge named Bluezette. We would usually get a bite to eat and then head upstairs to the music lounge and kick back and absorb the ambiance and listen to some great music. On this particular night, the lounge area was not that crowded, so my wife and I took a seat not too far from the bar and waited for the night to pickup. As we were talking it up amongst ourselves, my wife was joking as a group of patrons walked in wearing attire that resembled one of my friends, claiming that they must be related to him. I turned around to see who she was referring to and I said to my wife “Do you know who that is?” And with saturated sarcasm she stated “Yeah, that’s your boy’s family members”. Then the octaves of my vocal chords became excitable and I retorted “Babe, that is Allen Iverson!” Of course the bantering of denial and “yes it is” were exchanged, as he came in and stood in the proximity of our seating. So I boldly said to her “I’m going to prove it, I’m going to say what’s up to him”. I turned towards his direction and I said “What up Allen!” And he in turn reaches over to give me pound. My wife sat there stunned and in utter disbelief. That whole night, both he and his entourage partied right next to us the whole time. He seemed like a regular person, nothing fancy and extremely approachable, as he engaged freely with other patrons. And as Allen Iverson has officially announced his retirement from the NBA, we can reflect on his unmatched basketball prowess, but most importantly we can reflect on the man with the “Only The Strong Survive” monicker tattooed on his left arm. He is the quintessential person that movies are made about. He is a success story, coming from a less than perfect upbringing with no father, to becoming a budding high school football and basketball star, to being incarcerated at 17 for allegedly inciting a brawl. Allen has endured hardships throughout his life, yet he was strong enough to survive and attend college at Georgetown University and eventually go on to become the No. 1 pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. With numerous achievements and accolades obtained during his NBA tenure, Allen Iverson is destined for the Hall of Fame. But what I remember and admired most about him was how he remained authentic and true to who he was throughout his career. In a time where endorsements and image seem to be at the forefront of an athlete’s mind, winning and leaving everything on the floor was more important to Allen Iverson. He was David facing not only the Goliath athletes on the court, but also the David who faced the Goliaths of criticism for not fitting the cooperate mould. The rules in the game of musical chairs states that once the music ends, you could be left standing with no seat. Well now that the music has whined down on the basketball career of Allen Iverson, one can best believe that if he is left standing, it will be so that his peers and fans abound can applaud and recognize his contributions to the great game of basketball and leave him awarded with a crowning achievement greater than any Larry O’Brien trophy. That achievement is: Respect. #the answer

2 Responses to “Remembering The Answer: Allen Iverson”

  1. Sean Breslin Says:

    One of the best scorers of all-time.


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