The Real Breakout Kings


A few years ago, one of my favorite television series to watch was A&E’s The Breakout Kings. Unfortunately the series was cancelled after a few seasons (highly disappointed) due to the fact that the writer of the show left to pursue a new endeavor (Chicago Fire); leaving fans of the show high and dry. The quick synopsis of the show is that the storyline centered around a special task force unit made up of U.S. Marshals and convicts that was assembled to hunt down and capture escaped convicts. Now on this show, the convicts who escaped prison, usually utilized a well executed plan worthy of Frank Morris praise. So one would think that in order to escape from a prison in our actual society, that it might require quite a bit of ingenuity and a perfect storm of chance and luck. Well, then again, maybe I’m drowning in the wonderland of theatrical Hollywood scripts and an overzealous imagination when thinking of an escape plan. In fact, convicts no longer need to search for the proverbial skeleton key needed to unlatch their prison cell doors. The only thing that the convicts have to wait for, is the lack of due diligence by the authorities in charge. Such was the case with the two Florida men (both serving life sentences) who were falsely released from prison due to forged paperwork stating that they had reduced sentences of 15 years. And to think that the Florida case was an anomaly would be a huge mistake, as we now have an incident at an Oklahoma correctional facility (Caddo County Jail), in which four inmates escaped prison by prying open a maintenance hatch in the shower, crawling through a crawl space that lead to a cement wall, in which they proceeded to knock out a couple of cement blocks in order to access an unlocked door leading out of the prison. Somewhere in this scenario, there is enough material to create a sequel to The Shawshank Redemption. Now I think we all could buy the prying open of the maintenance hatch, but the removal of cement blocks on the wall of a two year old prison screams collusion at best. How can four inmates stay unaccounted for, long enough to open a latch, crawl through a space, break away cement blocks and walk out the literal front door without being detected? To say that this is an inexcusable act would be an understatement, as this deplorable offense is termination worthy at best. Albeit we have only learned of one of the escaped convicts’ reason for imprisonment (drugs), the crimes of the other have yet to be revealed as of my writing of this blog entry. Irregardless, the fact remains that we have seen murders and drug dealers walk out of prison doors undetected, so we must be cognizant of the fact that rapists are amongst the prison population as well. What ramifications do the prison wardens face in these instances? Do the correctional officers keeps their jobs, knowing that they failed to perform the tasks associated with their job descriptions? Most important are the victims of the crimes committed by these men and the residual physiological effect it has on those believing they have obtained some sort of closure. This is extremely unacceptable and if I was a part of those communities I would be completely outraged. To know that this has occurred twice within a few month span, is disturbing and signifies a need for new fail safes to be implemented. It’s time to sound the alarm. #andy dufresne

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