The Zombie Addiction


Some subject matters when composing a blog, begin to write themselves long before the idea is actually conceptualized. Such is the case in this particular instance, as I will broach something that I’ve become extremely familiar with over the past few weeks and that is the AMC television show The Walking Dead. At the advise of a Facebook friend, I decided to watch the week long marathon recapping three epic seasons worth of the critically acclaimed series that would eventually lead up to the premiere of the fourth season. Now make no qualms about it, I have never been into the zombie culture, in fact, I begrudgingly tuned in expecting to not make it through one hours worth of the first season. And much like the swift transitions of life, what I believed would be one meaningless hour, turned into me deleting some of my other favorite television series from my DVR in order to create space so that I did not miss a single episode of the three season marathon. So in conclusion, I have become a zombie addict and a fan of the show. It behooves me to say that my new obsession, zombies, has turned from an addiction of 16.1 million television viewers, to an actual recreational addiction in the form of a drug called Krokodil (pronounced like crocodile). Krokodil is an injectable opioid that eats away at the flesh of its users, turning their skin black, green and scaly. Dr. Abhin Singla, an internist and addiction specialist at Joliet’s Presence St. Joseph Medical Center, stated: “It’s a zombie drug; it literally kills you from the inside out”. Krokodil is said to cause serious damage to the veins and soft tissue infections, rapidly followed by gangrene and necrosis. The soft tissue damage is said to happen around the injection site and there are claims that Krokodil also appears to clump in the veins because it fails to dissolve completely into the bloodstream. The D.E.A is unable to determine its widespread usage in the U.S., however, there were five reported cases in a hospital in a suburb of Chicago (Joliet) over this past weekend, in which patients exhibited symptoms mirroring the drug’s side effects. Dr. Abhin Singla declared: “If you want a way to die, this is a way to die”. Such was the case with a man in Duncan Oklahoma, who died last year after using Krokodil, as doctors professed that it ate him from the inside out. One has to ponder the addictive nature of society as a whole and ask: Are we really on the cusp of a zombie apocalypse in this country? Has life truly begin to mimic the art of the macabre? Will this be the new designer drug of choice? Will we find ourselves choosing the imprisonment of a prison in order to ward off this drug infestation? In season one of The Walking Dead, Rick proclaimed: “We don’t kill the living”. Well apparently Rick forgot to CC: Krokodil in the memo. #wwz?

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