In Review: Movie-Captain Phillips


When the credits begin to scroll to signify that the movie is summarily over, it’s greatness can often be measured by your mental retention of the epic scenes and quotable lines, to the point where you find yourself reenacting them long after the cinema has closed. When it comes to the movie Captain Phillips, not only will you find yourself reenacting the movie, you will also find yourself whispering, “I would be shocked if someone did not win an Oscar for this one”. Yes, it is a safe bet to presume an Oscar with anything that Tom Hanks touches, however, you should begin to familiarize yourself with another actor who will probably receive strong consideration for an Oscar and just may be a star on the rise. His name: Barkhad Abdi.

Barkhad Abdi, may have reinvented and redefined the word menacing. His portrayal of the antagonist, Muse, puts him in a category very few actors belong in. That category is brilliance. You will find his polarizing performance so believable, that he seems to emulate what the real life Muse must be like. The pairing together of both Hanks and Abdi was pure genius, as this tale of survival that tests the will and intestinal fortitude of two men pitted against one another; will leave you on the edge of anticipation, as terror lurks with the crashing of every gripping wave of emotion. Based on a true story, Captain Phillips relays to its audience the atmospheric anxiety of what a hostile environment must feel like, as the adrenaline associated with fear, will invade each pulsating throb of blood curdling horror inside your veins. Captain Phillips is a must see. And remember, if you don’t like this movie, the microwave popcorn is on me. Contact us at the following:

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