Exclusive Interview: Hip Hop Artist-Capital LS


“I’m the one, that gets that deeper job done” is an excerpt from a musical soliloquy written by underground Hip Hop icon, Capital LS, during his collaboration with the 1993 group, Rumpletilskinz, on their debut album rhetorically entitled “What Is A Rumpletilskin?” Capital LS, also known as Joseph Clarke, was one of the featured lyricist throughout the album; as his trademark aggressive, grainy vocals would become the star attraction on an album that would see two singles, “Attitudes” and “Is It All Right?” both reach Number 24 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. The group would dismember after one album, however, Capital LS’s journey was just starting to begin. He would go on to collaborate with a few of Hip Hop’s greatest legends like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G and Snoop Dogg, as well as, underground Hip Hop artists like Greg Nice and Buckshot of Blackmoon fame. I had the honor and privilege of getting a chance to do a Q&A with the underground icon, to reflect on the past and future of Capital LS:

Q: State your stage name and its meaning.

A: Capital LS (Money and Lifestyles).

Q: “What is A Rumpletilskinz?” is an interesting album title. What exactly is Rumpletilskinz and who were the members?

A: Busta (Rhymes) named us (Sha-Now the Remedy Man, Jeranimo, and producer R.P.M.). Our beats were (rump) it wont stop (til) death and it is deeper then (skin).

Q: Who got you started in the music industry?

A: My natural ability to sing.

Q: Who were some of your musical influences?

A: Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Barry White etc. I’m a 70’s baby.

Q: Explain for those who are not in the know, the business side of the industry.

A: The business side is math and science; period!

Q: Where did you first perform in front of a live audience?

A: At a High school talent show.

Q: Were You Nervous or Excited?

A: Yes, (nervous) at first!

Q: What was it like to see yourself in a music video on television for the first time;

A: Exciting, unreal and surreal.

Q: The first video I saw you in was in the one for the song “Attitude”. I immediately bought the vinyl for that single and was excited to tell everyone I knew you personally. What was it like to see yourself on a shelf display?

A: Again it was a dream-like experience.

Q: You have obviously met other stars within the music industry, Greg Nice, Busta Rhymes and Leaders of The New School to name a few. How did it feel to collaborate with them on stage and in the studio?

A: I spent a lot of time watching these people on tv so at first I was nervous, but then I realized they are people like me and that was when the fun began.

Q: I read that you had a close, personal relationship with the Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG; elaborate on that for a moment.

A: Yes I knew B.I.G from working in the same studios. One day he came in my session and and asked “Who’s LS?”; ever since then we became friends. We did a song together. Greg Nice had Tupac call my crib to ask me to do a album with him. That was a crazy joke by Greg! We became very close after that. You can tell in our music how close we were.

Q: The music has changed tremendously for me personally. I find myself never turning on the radio anymore. Is there anyone out there that you like or listen to?

A: No!

Q: Any advice for those who are trying to break thru into the industry?

A: Remain your own company and build your own fan base.

Q: Any chances we see you back in the music game in some capacity, assuming that you consider yourself retired of course?

A: Yes

Q: I understand you have transitioned into a business venture that has allowed you to reconnect with some of those familiar industry faces. Please let the readers know what you are doing now.

A: I cant speak to much about it now, but it involves the NBA. I hope that your readers enjoy our interview together. I thank you for your interest in my life and career my friend.

My interview with Capital LS, much like his journey towards success, remains unfinished. The “one, that gets that deeper job done”, was pressed for time, as his many business ventures (Silent Power Management Group being one) required his immediate attention at the time this interview occurred. I would like to thank him for being gracious enough to spend some time with an old friend. I know that success is embedded in his DNA and whether it’s the music industry, real estate or the NBA, he will exceed and achieve greatness. Good luck and many blessings. #Capital LS

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  1. Jonathan Clarke Says:

    Dope article bro. I never read it!!

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