In Review: NBA 2K14


From One on One: Dr. J vs Larry Bird to Double Dribble to Bulls vs Blazers to NBA Live and NBA 2K, the evolution of basketball video games has greatly transcended from an assortment of pixel dots resembling the outline of an NBA persona to that of the modern day motion capturing technology and facial mapping software that literally puts a virtual hologram of a player at your fingertips. I was always an NBA Live fan for many years, that is until the debacle of NBA Elite 11 that would result in the shelving of the series for two years and is set for relaunch in November. So, being that I routinely buy basketball video games each year and due to the NBA Live hiatus, I ended up switching to the NBA 2K series for the past three years. At first I was reluctant to try a new series, however, the pros of the NBA 2K series far out weigh the cons. There are really no major hitches in the game, as you feel like you are in or at an actual live game when playing it. The graphics and the soundtracks stimulate your senses while the controller configuration is less complex than a television remote. It’s a no brainer for me now, when hearing of this latest release of NBA 2K14 (Lebron James on the cover), to go out and purchase it without hesitation; however, it does come with a bit of disappointment. The disappointment for me, is that the only thing that appears to have changed since NBA 2K13 is the cover. The new “Path To Greatness” mode lends a new depth to the gaming experience, but the graphics appear to be the same graphics from the prior edition. For $59.99, NBA 2K14 should be on its own “path to greatness” instead of borrowing from “past greatness”. I expected more from this flourishing franchise and received less. This may be the opening NBA Live wanted and needed, as Lebron may carry the Miami Heat to a championship on his broad shoulders, however, his face on the cover is not helping to satisfy the elevated expectations of an avid basketball video game fan like myself. It’s not worth the full price of admission and if you can hold out, perhaps NBA Live could inject new life into the basketball gaming world. NBA 2K14: Purchase with caution. I rate this 3 out of 5 Remote Controllers. Happy gaming folks. “Don’t Hate The Player, Just Beat The Game”

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