The Best Movie Endings


“The End”; usually the statement utilized when claiming that a story has reached its finale. Of course some stories end in utter disappointment and leave you pulling out your hair follicles, knowing that you have conceded precious minutes on the continuous clock of your life, only to walk away feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Of course there is parallel side to this. The parallel side are the endings that leave you gasping and in awe of their brilliance. The endings that leave you wishing for a sequel or a few more glimpses into what happened to the characters afterwards. So in lieu of “The End”, I’ve decided to compile a list of movies that I’ve seen in which their endings left you craving more. Here is my list (I promise no spoilers) of my all time favorite suspenseful movie endings, in no particular order:

The Grey (2011)-Starring Liam Neeson
Jennifer 8 (1992)-Starring Andy Garcia
Inception (2010)-Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Seven (1995)-Starring Brad Pitt
There Will Be Blood (2007)-Starring Daniel Day-Lewis
The Usual Suspects (1995)-Starring Kevin Spacey
Hide and Seek (2005)-Starring Robert Dinero
Colombiana (2011)-Starting Zoe Saldana
Fallen (1998)-Starring Denzel Washington
Fracture (2007)-Starring Anthony Hopkins
Inside Man (2005)-Starring Denzel Washington
Now You See Me (2013)-Starring Mark Ruffalo
Haywire (2011)-Starring Gina Carano

If you are an avid movie watcher or a person who is just searching for entertainment, I promise that these movies will not disappoint from the beginning to “the end”. If they don’t, the microwave popcorn is on me. Just email me at Enjoy.

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