In Review: The Movie: Prisoners


For 2 Hours and 33 Minutes, you become the prisoner of both the moment and a long drawn out movie script. Let us start with the bad first. The movie can lull you into complacency as you await its climatic peak, except for the fact that the peak never “really” actually occurs. One would think that with a lineup of accomplished actors like Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Viola Davis (The Help) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain), that the acting would far surpass the script, however, their performances made them seem like virtual unknowns. The storyline is centered around two families whose daughters were both abducted at the same time while playing outside together. Of course the plot is driven by the search that ensues to find the missing girls. Usually there’s an emotional attachment you have with one particular actor that is portraying the parent of the missing child, however, I struggled to connect with any of them. My issue with the plot is that I wanted more “police work” injected into the meat of the story as Jake Gyllenhaal’s character seems like a lone sheriff in the Okay Corral. Now there are good things about this movie; it is suspenseful and it contains an assortment of complex individuals that make you wonder just who is behind the abduction. Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) by far delivers the best performance in his role as the creepy introvert Alex Jones. Overall, Prisoners is a solid movie with a long winded plot. If you are expecting to be wooed by the lead cast members, then you will be highly disappointed. The supporting cast really makes this film work. It’s matinee worthy, but can be full price disappointing. If you can wait, Redbox it. Enjoy.

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