In Review: The Movie: World War Z


World War Z or World War Zzzzzzz? Perhaps I didn’t get my membership to the Zombie Fan Club, as I have never really followed shows like The Walking Dead or movies like Zombieland or Shaun of The Dead. I actually do enjoy some of the Resident Evil movies, however, people walking around looking like individuals who partook in the Crack-Cocaine renaissance never quite tickled my fancy. But of course, much like other overhyped movies, I found myself splurging that $1.20 at my local Redbox to satisfy my curiosity; and needless to say, I overpaid by $1.00. The plot was about as unimaginative as Brad Pitt’s “in character” persona, as the zombies (who only screeched, contorted their bodies and snacked on flesh) far surpassed his performance by miles. They took the brilliant actress Mireille Enos (AMC’s The Killing) and managed to make her insignificant, as if she was merely a zombie extra. Then I had revisionist history as I felt like I was watching Will Smith to the second power, as this movie reminded me of Independence Day meets I Am Legend. Both had big budgets and both were highly disappointing and so was World War Z. And without giving away possibly one of the worse deflating endings, could they have just played it a bit more coy that a sequel was in the works? If I hear “the war is not over” at the end of another movie, I’m going to lose the butter on my popcorn. If you are into horrible acting, zombies and lackluster plots that you figure out in the first five minutes, then this movie is for you. But if you are like me and realize that a little extra change added to $1.20 could get you two things off the dollar menu, then do the right thing and head to the drive thru. I cannot recommend this movie.

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