In Review: FX’s The Bridge


Who wants to read subtitles? I don’t, no matter what language they are displayed in. In fact I find them utterly annoying and a huge distraction when trying to watch a movie or a television program. So, upon watching the first episode of FX’s “The Bridge”, I questioned whether or not I could drudge through the second episode of the series. With great reluctance, I gave the show another try and the results is that The Bridge is in my permanent viewing rotation. I must first warn “It Starts Out Slow!” and “The Plot Starts off Choppy!”, however, once you get to episode three, the wrinkles come out of the shirt and it is truly dressed to impress. The show is centered around two characters, American Detective Sonya Cross (played by actress Diane Kruger of National Treasure and Inglorious Bastard fame) and Mexican Detective Marco Ruiz (played by Academy Award nominated actor Demian Bichir). The storyline is set with the Texas-Chihuahua border (a.k.a The Bridges of the Americas) as the backdrop of a homicide in which a body is found strategically placed on the border so that it toes the lines of both the American and Mexican jurisdictions. Enter Detective Sonya Cross, an investigative savant who suffers from Asperger syndrome (social disorder, form of autism) who is called in to secure the crime scene on the American side. She is then introduced to maverick detective Marco Ruiz, who arrives on the scene to secure the Mexican border. The two polar opposite personalities, in an what is deemed as the oddest of pairings, decide to join forces in an effort to solve the homicide. What the two end up finding out is that each clue will only further ajar the hinges on Pandora’s Box. The suspense, the seedy characters, the vacant pulse of humanity, only add gritty depth to a gripping tale of murder and deceit. If you enjoy a good suspenseful tale, tune into FX’s The Bridge.

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