Music Review: Jaheim-Appreciation Day


I am not sure how one would define the music catalog of Jaheim Hoagland. In his voice you can find traces of R&B legend Luther Vandross, yet his array of songs remind you of the groundbreaking style that afforded Mary J Blige the title of “Queen of Hip Hop-R&B”. Jaheim debuted in 2001 with his album entitled Ghetto Love and now some twelve years later we find ourselves listening to his latest album entitled “Appreciation Day”.

Unlike many of today’s artist, I can attest after seeing him live in concert, that Jaheim is not a studio made singer, as his voice transfers from the recording booth to the stage flawlessly. His performance seems almost effortless to the point that it appears as if he’s really not trying hard at all. I have been a fan of his music from the beginning, so hearing that his new album was set to debut, I knew that purchasing it would not require the twisting of my arm. His first release was entitled “Age Ain’t A Factor” which was his celebration of the cougar; the older woman who can still turn the heads of all men. Upon listening to other tracks, you will find typical Jaheim styled music such as “P…Appreciation Day” (which is a bit thirsty for my taste), “Morning” (an ode to Shirley Murdock’s As We Lay) “Baby X3” and “Sticks n Stones”, however, the track entitled “Florida” tugs at the heart-strings as he pays homage to the fallen life of Trayvon Martin. Jaheim has managed to maintain his urban appeal, all while continuing to capture the ears of both the young and old listeners alike. Jaheim continues to give us another reason to listen to the radio and if you are a fan of his music then this CD belongs in your collection. Pick up your copy of Appreciation Day, now in stores.

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