Music Review: Joe-“Doubleback-Evolution of R & B”

joe double back

“They don’t make music like they used to”, is a profound statement made by most people over the age of thirty five. Most of the modern day songs flooding the airwaves seem to border on unimaginative lyrics made palpable by synthesized laced vocals and unrelenting beats that are used to hide the shortcomings of the seemingly less talented artists of today’s day and age. Does anybody make real music anymore? Well the answer to that is yes, but you have to dig among the grains of gravel to find that one hidden gem. Joe’s Doubleback-Evolution of R&B is one of those hidden gems. I was never the biggest fan of his music, albeit he has had some songs that I have enjoyed listening to, however I never entertained purchasing his entire album. But the minute I heard the album’s debut single “I’d Rather Have A Love”, I became intrigued and wanted to know what the entire album would sound like. Well, $9.99 +Tax later, I can honestly say that it was money well spent. The tone of the album speaks to the evolution of a man who realizes that true love is a viable option as opposed to living the single man’s lifestyle. Songs like “Magic City” & “Compromise” speak of a man who has left boyish things behind and has moved on to doing “grown folk” things in his life. If you love classic R&B and you are trying to set the mood for romance, Doubleback-Evolution of R&B can supply all your needs. Go pick up your copy today.

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