Restaurant Review: Mad For Chicken (Northern Blvd-Flushing NY)


As our navigational system began to have a mind of its own, we (“The Wife” and I) found ourselves circling around Queens like Akeem and Semi in Coming to America looking for McDowell’s Golden Arcs on 8507 Queens Boulevard, hoping that we would not end up watching Samuel L Jackson get “thrashed” by a mop wheeling African Ninja, while Louie Anderson washed heads of lettuce in the back. Love that movie, can’t you tell? In any or event, after a successful rerouting by our lovely computerized assistant, we finally made our way towards Northern Boulevard in search of 닭에 대한 미친, Google Translated as: “Mad For Chicken”. Northern Boulevard is a very busy section of Flushing, aligned with many Asian influenced businesses. So it is imperative that you pay real close attention to the English translations on the buildings or you may pass this establishment by accident. Upon entering this quaint place, you feel like you are dining at some sort of internet cafe, as its quiet atmosphere makes you feel as if you are only dining with the members of your party. Service was acceptable, but the food completely makes up for any shortcomings. The Crab meat Salad is off the charts good and of course you don’t go to a place named Mad For Chicken and not try the chicken. Their wings are beyond exceptional, cooked to a crispy perfection that makes you wonder what other restaurants are not doing right. Overall I highly recommend that if you are in Flushing and McDowell’s is partaking in a renovation, you should venture over to Northern Boulevard so that you too can be Mad For Chicken. Happy eating.

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