In Review: The Movie: You’re Next


I happen to be a complete geek on many levels, especially when it comes to watching movie trailers. I tend to watch the trailers online in order to see what up and coming movies will capture my attention and convince me that forking over the money, instead of waiting for it to arrive at Redbox, is a great economic decision. Needless to say, the for the movie “You’re Next” was on my radar as a potential candidate for relinquishing the almighty dollar. Yes, like all other movie trailers, the one for You’re Next captures you with the sound-bytes, the proverbial screenshots and of course the soundtrack that seems to set the tone of what the movie could possibly be about. At first glance, I was thinking that the movie would resemble that of the 2008 horror movie “The Strangers” mixed in with 2009’s horror film “The Collector”. I don’t usually prescribe to horror movies, however, every once in a while I like to entertain some suspenseful terror that can cause popcorn to spill over and screams to erupt louder than the theater’s surround sound system. Albeit You’re Next does deliver some pulse spiking moments and starts off with menacing macabre once associated with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it quickly turns into Friday the 13th Part 20 “Jason Attacks Mars”, as it becomes a classic tongue and cheek horror movie with bad acting and a predictable outcome. Sharni Vinson, the lead actress, is one of the few shining personas in the film, but the acting prowess of others quickly fall off the cliff after her. This is a DVD night type of movie to be reserved at Redbox $1.00 + Tax. Save your money, you will thank me later.

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