The Black Ice Age: Our Genocide


“I never ever ran from the Klu Klux Klan and I shouldn’t have to run from a black man, cause that’s, Self Destruction….”. A poignant statement addressed by rap legend Kool Moe Dee on the collaborative rap ensemble entitled “Self Destruction” from the Stop The Violence Movement of 1989. I am not one to pull punches or sugar coat the truth; in fact I have come to the realization that “truth” is such an ugly, disruptive word that it is often beautified with a line of makeup called the LIE (lacking intelligent enhancement). So without further ado, I will introduce the truth about things (real talk).

Who Am I? A rhetorical, in depth, psychological probing many of us are not willing to delve into. Of course in a simplistic reading of the obvious contents displayed on our outer vanity, we can assess ones weight, height, hair color, fashion tendencies and the all important hue magnification of ones melanin compound. But I ask again, Who am I? My name, Social Security No., Drivers License and Birth Certificate translate my place of origin, my labor contributions to society, my residence and my age; but Who Am I? I know my family tree, my genealogy and my ethnicity; however, Who Am I? Such a profound, philosophical pondering that requires me to solicit the findings of Professor Marshall Mathers, whose keen and astute assessment of my rhetorical engagement came up with a resolution of sophisticated eloquence. His answer: “I am, whatever you say I am”. A powerful, defining, yet, disturbing truth. Let’s address it.

Genocide is the systematic destruction of an ethnicity, religious group, caste, etc in part or as a whole. It is theorized that genocide does not have to be quantified by a mass killing off of a group, as it can be executed as a well devised, strategical plan put forth to weaken a group through the use of many different methodologies and tactics. It is easy to disqualify such a notion of this happening in this day and time, given the fact that we live in a world of social media that reports on a 24/7 continuum. In fact I would concur with the majority in saying that the possibility of this occurring in a modern day bubble would be slim at best. Yes, this prescribed thinking or notion would be an absolute truth “if” this strategy started circa now. However, as I previously stated, genocide is a well devised, strategical plan that utilizes a multitude of tactics to subdue a group. So one could conclude that albeit today may not be the start of a process, it could, very well be, a result of a well executed strategy that has been running full throttle on all cylinders for quite some time. This process of elimination is a diabolical ploy that is initiated right under the proverbial noses of its victim with the same invisible, potent presence that we equate to carbon monoxide. It’s a silent killer, that leaves a trail of premeditated death, whose victims are unaware they are being targeted. Today’s target; the black race.

Who am I, was what I beckoned in the aforementioned. I consider myself to be educated enough to throughly answer that question, as I can trace back my history much like other educated blacks and surmise that as a race, we originated from the African continent where we were transported, via planking, on ships to America where we would eventually be sold to European settlers like livestock. Throughout our presence in America, we would be disgraced, denigrated , demoralized, beaten, raped, murdered and stripped of our collective humanity. Our resolve in enduring this tainted list I just divulged, would in turn become the foundation of our cultural identity and psychology in America moving forward and beyond. These are our descendants; the disenfranchised, the miseducated, the unidentified and the survivor. I often hear the brethren and sisters of my race speak of our sociology in a context that connects us back to our ancestral African roots. This holds partial truth to our existence in America, as our skin tone and genealogy connects us to Africa from a heritage perspective. The African descendants of kings, queens, empires and advanced cultural structures, was virtually annihilated upon arrival to this country. Their identity would be stripped down by the ripping of flesh by whips, as the mind would succumb to the ails of their bodies, as words of degradation would bury their self esteem to the demoralized, sub level to that of fecal matter. The survivors of these torturous tirades, would become the ancestral roots to our modern day interpretation; not the so called descendants of kings and queens. Lets transgress forward.

A discussion I love to embark on is legacy. This lineage mapping acts as a gauge or a compass of sorts, that determines a possible direction to be traveled based on who you are and who you were born to. In a simpler term, it’s sort of like your last name, it follows you wherever you go unless you change it via marriage or legally. I found myself recently at a few summer events in which I was around a plethora of black youth. Of course, being that I am 40 years of age, it’s quite natural that some of the children I was amongst, belonged to some of the individuals within my peer group. I started to analyze their actions and found myself looking at my drivers license, as I felt that perhaps I was still a student at my high school alma mater. Their behavior patterns resembled that of their parents when they were that same age. The “like father, like son” theory summed up the legacy premise long before this blog. I can honestly say that those peers I know, actually had pretty well behaved kids for the most part, but my title would not mention genocide if this was a happy tale. The majority of the youth that I was around, who I knew very little about their origins or backgrounds, displayed a pattern of deplorable behavior. Their profanity laced tirades, combined with the pungent aroma of illegal narcotics, invaded the atmosphere like a high pollen count in the heat of summer. The behavior of the young girls, leaving nothing to the imagination accept what their possible going rate could be, was disturbing, as I could see the undeniable failures of their fathers. The young men smelled of corrosion due to their narcotic choices, as I found their appearance to be degrading and unacceptable. Their hardened skin and glazed-over, red irises reminded me of a zombie apocalypse. One would hope that the collapse of the black youth would simply stop there, however, violence would be a defining exclamation point of this summation, as two young men would become victims of a violent stabbing, courtesy of gang affiliation. I was completely at a loss for words, however, when I am lost, I like to theorize and analyze what happened and why. Here’s my why.

I stated that we were not descendants of kings and queens, but that we are in fact descendants of the disenfranchised, the miseducated, the unidentified and the survivor. An ugly truth; but as I stated before, only a lie will try to cover up and beautify an untruth. It is from these roots in which the foundation of our ancestral lineage in this country were established upon. For several hundreds of years, blacks were and have always been drowning in a pool of inequity. We have ran around like ants inside of a sugar bowl; plowing, pushing pilfering and poisoning one another in the hopes of escaping. Very few escape the bowl with the sweet taste of victory on their tongues and despite being tempted to return to help others escape, we are often thwarted knowing that you will face a firing squad of resentful individuals who wish to see you either die or tumble back to their level. We are taught to hate one another and despise one another’s accomplishments due to the fact we have been conditioned to behave this way. This dynamic started from the house to the field scenario, regarding where certain individuals were placed for labor tasks during slavery. Over time, this has spilled over into the realms of the different hues of our black skin tones, redefining what is considered beauty by a darker skin versus lighter skin comparison. Up until the Civil Rights Movement, these behavioral tendencies were a prevalent staple in the black community bulletin. The Civil Rights Movement was a byproduct of the educated and empowered black individual(s), who sought justice for the criminal acts committed by those who illegally oppressed individuals based on color and creed; henceforth they opposed genocidal ploys and tactics. This was the stop gap from the completion of “Our Genocide”. The oppressors or the empowered individuals recognized this movement as a threat, as we can ponder the elements of conspiracies associated with the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Huey P Newton. The J. Edgar Hoover element to this conspiracy, had a significant impact on our modern situation and condition. It is believed that post the deaths of MLK, Malcolm X and Newton (all linked to Hoover as well) that the J. Edgar Hoover lead F.B.I. strategically injected elements (mainly drugs) into the black community in an effort to oppress any potential uprising or empowerment that would see us advance. We would lose countless men due to incarceration and heroin abuse in the 60s and 70s, especially post Vietnam War, creating single parent households being overseen by women. As we now stare down the same barrel of a familiar gun, we find ourselves in a modern time where single black mothers are maintaining their children and their households, while black fathers are non existent due to incarceration or drug addiction. This mirrors the same cycle schematics of the 60s and 70s, only now we have additional agents of destruction, such as gang infestations (black on black crimes-85% of homicides against blacks are males between the ages of 17-29) and HIV (black men account for 70% of newly infected cases, black women 30%) lurking on the playground of destruction. If the black male is either drug addicted or HIV positive, then it speaks higher volumes in knowing that this will only further disable the black baby upon inception. So before a life is born, it faces elements of death before the birth canal. To get deeper into the storm, we are facing issues of declassification, as we are no longer becoming the primary minority group due to the influx of Spanish and Asian immigrants; therefore we are slowly losing our voicing power in the very country we helped to build and make great. So the notion that genocide is more of a premise and not a plan is illogical and naive. We are facing virtual extinction, but how many know that we are living in The Black Ice Age?

The Dinosaurians, represent the most polarizing phenomenon to ever grace the Earth, yet we find ourselves marveling at them only in Jurassic Park movies and at museum exhibitions. We cannot afford to resign to the idea of this being an impossible outcome, when the preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise. Who am I? I am whatever they say I am, which is a statistic amongst a dying breed. Perhaps hope will come in form of the educated black youth, looking to derail the train to genocide much like those from the Civil Rights era. We need a fire lit under our communities in the hope that we can revitalize and thaw out our race from the frozen tundras of inequity and ignorance. We need a new genesis not an old genocide. #revolution to evolution

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