In Review: AMC’s The Killing

the killing

Often times we find ourselves drowning in a murky pool of tasteless reality shows doctored up to look like cliffhangers in the form of reunion shows on Bravo and VH1. Yes, the National Enquirer has invaded television networks across your cable listing, making it hard for drama series seekers like myself to find an appetite wetting program that can force me to want to understand the inner workings of my DVR system. It ceases to never fail that I either find myself investing in a good series, only to find it was cancelled or the bottom fell out of the script, forcing me to say “what the fudge” just happened (what else does WTF mean?) I enjoyed cable shows like HBO’s The Wire and FX’s Damages starring Glenn Close. Some of my other favorites include AMC’s Hell on Wheels, FX’s Sons of Anarchy (although SOA has gone too dark for my taste), TNT’s Southland (cancelled) Fox’s The Following, NBC’s Hannibal and of course ABC’s Scandal (white male with a black love interest yes I’m watching). All of those shows I mentioned, incorporate excellent writing, however, I have a hard time not putting my favorite show to date in an entirely different category. That show is AMC’s The Killing.

If you have not watched seasons 1&2, this is a perfect time to start giving out your Christmas wish list early. In the classic cliche of “who done it”; well it will take you both seasons to find the answer to that aged old question. This suspense filled series architected around two brilliant actors Mireillie Enos (Detective Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Detective Holder) set in the dreary, surreal backdrop of Seattle Washington (filmed on location in Vancouver British Columbia) should have been a featured film given the brilliance behind the remake of this Danish television series. I am usually quick to figure out a plot in the middle of a show, however, this was not the case with this series. I can all but guarantee that even if you are lucky enough to guess who the killer is, you will have changed your mind several times before the show ends. This is hands down one of the best written shows I have ever seen period. I just finished season three as I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed in the hopes they renew the series for a fourth season. Riveting, suspenseful and exceptional acting, a true recipe for greatness and a remedy for a dying age of bland television and hideous acting. The Killing is a good reason to have cable television.

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