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Music Review: Joe-“Doubleback-Evolution of R & B”

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joe double back

“They don’t make music like they used to”, is a profound statement made by most people over the age of thirty five. Most of the modern day songs flooding the airwaves seem to border on unimaginative lyrics made palpable by synthesized laced vocals and unrelenting beats that are used to hide the shortcomings of the seemingly less talented artists of today’s day and age. Does anybody make real music anymore? Well the answer to that is yes, but you have to dig among the grains of gravel to find that one hidden gem. Joe’s Doubleback-Evolution of R&B is one of those hidden gems. I was never the biggest fan of his music, albeit he has had some songs that I have enjoyed listening to, however I never entertained purchasing his entire album. But the minute I heard the album’s debut single “I’d Rather Have A Love”, I became intrigued and wanted to know what the entire album would sound like. Well, $9.99 +Tax later, I can honestly say that it was money well spent. The tone of the album speaks to the evolution of a man who realizes that true love is a viable option as opposed to living the single man’s lifestyle. Songs like “Magic City” & “Compromise” speak of a man who has left boyish things behind and has moved on to doing “grown folk” things in his life. If you love classic R&B and you are trying to set the mood for romance, Doubleback-Evolution of R&B can supply all your needs. Go pick up your copy today.

Restaurant Review: Mad For Chicken (Northern Blvd-Flushing NY)

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As our navigational system began to have a mind of its own, we (“The Wife” and I) found ourselves circling around Queens like Akeem and Semi in Coming to America looking for McDowell’s Golden Arcs on 8507 Queens Boulevard, hoping that we would not end up watching Samuel L Jackson get “thrashed” by a mop wheeling African Ninja, while Louie Anderson washed heads of lettuce in the back. Love that movie, can’t you tell? In any or event, after a successful rerouting by our lovely computerized assistant, we finally made our way towards Northern Boulevard in search of 닭에 대한 미친, Google Translated as: “Mad For Chicken”. Northern Boulevard is a very busy section of Flushing, aligned with many Asian influenced businesses. So it is imperative that you pay real close attention to the English translations on the buildings or you may pass this establishment by accident. Upon entering this quaint place, you feel like you are dining at some sort of internet cafe, as its quiet atmosphere makes you feel as if you are only dining with the members of your party. Service was acceptable, but the food completely makes up for any shortcomings. The Crab meat Salad is off the charts good and of course you don’t go to a place named Mad For Chicken and not try the chicken. Their wings are beyond exceptional, cooked to a crispy perfection that makes you wonder what other restaurants are not doing right. Overall I highly recommend that if you are in Flushing and McDowell’s is partaking in a renovation, you should venture over to Northern Boulevard so that you too can be Mad For Chicken. Happy eating.

72 Hours of Lamar Odom

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“Self destruction in my hand, oh Lord, so stupid minded, oh and I go crazy when I can’t find it, well I know I’m hooked my friend, to the boy who makes slaves out of men”. These lyrics were extracted from the great Marvin Gaye’s song entitled “Flyin High”. Flyin High was written as an ode to the Vietnam War Veterans who became addicted to heroin upon returning from the war. As we peruse recent articles pertaining to Lamar Odom’s apparent unknown whereabouts, in what is believed to be a 72 hour drug binge, we find ourselves revisiting the genes of addiction. For those not in the know, Lamar Odom is a native New Yorker, hailing from South Jamaica Queens. His mother died of cancer when Lamar was twelve years old and his father was addicted to heroin as well. Lamar, for the most part, was raised by his grandmother. He would then go on to star on the high school, collegiate and professional levels as a basketball player and would then gain popular fame as reality television star alongside his wife Khloe Kardashian. Yes, Lamar Odom is a success story, as he is both rich and famous, as well as an NBA Champion. Lamar was living the life and “flying high”, playing for a team (Los Angeles Lakers) who was like family to him. He playfully referred to Los Angeles as “the crib” (slang for home) as he had ingratiated himself with the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and was adored by them as well. So the poignant question is, how did we get to 72 hours of disarray? What triggered the proverbial bullet to go astray? Perhaps this gun was loaded long before the misfiring occurred. Lets revisit the marksman.

When Marvin Gaye stated “the boy who makes slaves out of men”, the “boy” he is referring to in this particular instance is the narcotic or drug of choice. As I stated previously, Lamar’s father was a heroin addict. Studies show that at least 50% of addiction is attributable to genetic coding or the “addictive gene” inherited from a parent. The additional 50% of addiction is attributable to environment and personal experiences. Children of addicts are 8 times more likely to develop an addiction versus that of non addicts. The repeated abuse of drugs as a coping method can rewire the brain so that it seeks or chases the “buzz” at an even greater rate. Lamar’s drug addiction was chronicled long before this latest incident, as reported by Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take. Skip Bayless revealed information given to him by members of the Chicago Bulls organization, who conducted a pre-draft workout with Lamar Odom, who revealed to their resident psychologist that he smoked marijuana before and after every game. Lamar would face a suspension by the NBA for two drug violations in 2001, citing his environment or lifestyle, as well as, accessibility as reasons for his abuse. What should be noted is the fact that he grew up in an environment in which he was surrounded by crack-cocaine. Lamar would stay clean for 10 years, however it’s been speculated that certain tragic events that recently occurred in his personal life, may have triggered these current chain of events that have caused him to turn to drugs as a coping mechanism. He was also traded from his beloved Lakers, thus removing the protected walls of comfort from around him, allowing the emotional demons and narcotic nemesis to reenter his life. Such a tragic state of events, for what many have described as a great human being. I pray for his recovery.

The shadows of a day transition us from a time of light into the wee hours of darkness. What unfolds is often not visible, as it is sheltered inside the confines of a closed room. It is in these moments that we are the most transparent, as we find ourselves alone with nothing more than the flicker from a television screen and the unaddressed thoughts of a pondering mind. If this is you and there is nothing good separating you from bad, call either a friend or if you are spiritual, call on your savior or deity. Drugs of any kind are not solution, they are temporary elements of sanity that will only further increase insanity. No sense in “flyin high” when a nose dive is assured to follow. #faith

In Review: The Movie: You’re Next

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I happen to be a complete geek on many levels, especially when it comes to watching movie trailers. I tend to watch the trailers online in order to see what up and coming movies will capture my attention and convince me that forking over the money, instead of waiting for it to arrive at Redbox, is a great economic decision. Needless to say, the for the movie “You’re Next” was on my radar as a potential candidate for relinquishing the almighty dollar. Yes, like all other movie trailers, the one for You’re Next captures you with the sound-bytes, the proverbial screenshots and of course the soundtrack that seems to set the tone of what the movie could possibly be about. At first glance, I was thinking that the movie would resemble that of the 2008 horror movie “The Strangers” mixed in with 2009’s horror film “The Collector”. I don’t usually prescribe to horror movies, however, every once in a while I like to entertain some suspenseful terror that can cause popcorn to spill over and screams to erupt louder than the theater’s surround sound system. Albeit You’re Next does deliver some pulse spiking moments and starts off with menacing macabre once associated with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it quickly turns into Friday the 13th Part 20 “Jason Attacks Mars”, as it becomes a classic tongue and cheek horror movie with bad acting and a predictable outcome. Sharni Vinson, the lead actress, is one of the few shining personas in the film, but the acting prowess of others quickly fall off the cliff after her. This is a DVD night type of movie to be reserved at Redbox $1.00 + Tax. Save your money, you will thank me later.

White Anger & The Freedom Riders

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I was encouraged by a friend, who happens to be Caucasian, to read a book entitled “Black Like Me” written by John Howard Griffin. It is an international best seller that documents the personal journey of John Howard Griffin across the segregated south in the 1950s. John Howard Griffin, who was a Caucasian male, decided to take medication that would darken his skin and enable him to live as a person of color in the staunchly segregated states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. He would journal his accounts of living amongst the disenfranchised, shedding apathetic light upon an inhumane era of American history. This great piece of literature offers a profound perspective into a subject matter that I now refer to as tradition; you all refer to it as racism.

Racism is the belief that a group/race is inherently superior due to the makeup of another’s racial composition or ethnicity. I believe that it is safe to say that from this mindset is where many of our stereotypical references were forged. These unfounded beliefs or uneducated analysis are bored from the perspective of the so called superior empowered. We can note supremacism and realize that this theory breathes, bleeds and believes on the foundation of entitlement and a caste system. Although the word supremacism is categorically divvied into other areas such as sexuality and religion, neither have had the historical impact in America like that of racial supremacy. We have seen The Nation of Islam, The Black Panther Party and The Black Hebrew Israelites, adopt concepts of supremacy for what is believe to be as a counteractive measure. One may ask, what were they trying to counteract? The answer: White Supremacy.

White Supremacy is a politically driven premise, whose ideological stance is the belief that the white race, above all other non white ethnicities, should reign dominant socially, politically, historically and industrially within the confines of society. This ideology was dominant in the United States prior to the Civil War, as we would see the ownership of Africans as chattel slavery. The Civil War would would forge out of the opposing of slavery and its expansion into the western territories by the Republican Party led by Abraham Lincoln. This opposition by the Lincoln led party would be challenged by several states looking to preserve their cotton based economy, as they would attempt secession from the United States and form what is known as the Confederate States of America. So in retrospect, the Civil War, from the South or Confederate States perspective, was really about economics and the preservation of their way of life. We all know that the Civil War would result in a victory by the North, as America would see the Reconstruction Era take place in an effort to reestablish the South back to normalcy. What is to be noted is the fact that albeit the war had been fought and won by the North, White Supremacy would remain in existence for many decades to follow, as Africans or blacks, would remain disenfranchised well into the twentieth century. It would be in 1967 (only 46 years removed mind you) that interracial marriage alone would be declared constitutional by all states. As I piggy back off of the movie, Lee Daniel’s-The Butler, I became enamored with the concepts of anger and resentment. We saw the Freedom Riders, who were a group of civil rights activists made up of multiracial members (including Caucasians), ride buses into segregated areas of the south in an attempt to execute and uphold the court rulings of Irene Morgan v The Commonwealth of Virginia and Boynton v Virginia, that disallowed the practice of racial segregation in public venues. Of course the Freedom Riders would be met with unrelenting venom and violence, as they would go into venues that still practiced segregation and demand (non violently) to be served. We saw Freedom Rider type practices initiated in North Carolina at the famed FW Woolworth historical lunch counter sit in. The plight of the Freedom Riders would revolutionize the Civil Rights movement, but would also ignite a nucleonic festering of hardened racism that would cause a permanent lesion in the side of humanity in America. White Supremacy, albeit doctored to be just about slavery, was really about a way of life. It was the inherited pride of a self anointed “supreme being” who sought preservation of what was believed to be entitlement from birth. So what caused the implosion of anger and resentment that we now call racism? Is it an issue of color or is it an issue of what the skin color represents, which is a loss of power? The footnotes suggest that blacks were mere cattle on the plantation. So to modernize, it is like your household pet taking control of your house. If this was to happen, what would you say about the said animal? Would you try to rationalize its thinking or would you resent, denounce and continue to remind them of where their place used to be? Is it not in this loss of power that bigotry, racial profiling, stereotyping and crimes of hate are born from? If you take a kid’s toy away while he or she is playing with it, is crying not sure to ensue? Perhaps the answer to racism is that there is no answer, as it appears to be an inherited, psychological coding much like DNA. Maybe it is here that we can start to get a greater understanding of how anger has and continues to fuel the traditions of racism and why it may never go away. Education holds the key, however, what is written on the hearts of man/woman is extremely hard to erase. Yet, we move forward as change is always inevitable.

Anger is an unrelenting weapon of choice, whose rage has proved to be both elastic and durable. It is in the root of anger that we can also find what others value, as anger is a result and not the cause. As we examine this world in which we exist, we realize that anger has transitioned and evolved into a level yet to be defined. What is in our nature, whether supremacy or other genetic coding, is not easy to reconstruct. I hope and pray that blogs like this encourage ideas and conversations of solutions. God knows, we need it.

In Review: Lee Daniels-The Butler

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the butler movie poster

Rare are true movie gems that find a way to filter their way into your soul, as they tug at the strings of your emotional apathy. When a movie can educate and capture the historical pulse of a time when subhuman behavior was the standard and barbaric tendencies were the tactical devise of choice; and bring that pulse to fruition on the big screen, you have what I consider to be an Oscar caliber film. Lee Daniels-The Butler, finds a way to enter both your mind and heart, as the storyline, coupled with the brilliant acting of Oscar Winning Actor Forest Whitaker and Oscar Nominated Actress Oprah Winfrey, delivers a powerful, riveting depiction of American history that is rarely addressed and often never approached. The plethora of information is worth the price of admission alone. The brilliant performances by the entire supporting cast that included stars such as Robin Williams, John Cusak, Cuba Gooding Jr. Lenny Kravitz and Terrence Howard, simply adds cream to the top. The cinematography masterfully captures the essence of each historical event, jettisoning the audience back in time as you relive some of the most provocative times in America’s long, illustrious existence. A must see that I highly recommend for all ages. Go see The Butler; now in theaters.

The Nature of The Beast: 666

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Revelations 13:16-17 states: “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name”. Revelation is defined as the disclosing of truth or knowledge through communication in the realm of the supernatural. The Book of Revelations reveals to us an apocalyptic summary of the Bible, detailing the intricate symbolic indicators or precursors associated with the nearing of the end of the world. One of the most well renowned devices in The Book of Revelations, is the “Mark of The Beast” or in numerology terms “666”. It is believed, as we can read in Revelations 13:16-17, that this symbol would be displayed on ones forehead or on their right hand, indicating an allegiance or following of satanic leadership. In a recent article published by Wake Up Call, we learn of a debate rustling in the state of Texas regarding the issuing of students who attend John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School of San Antonio; identification cards with R.F.I.D (radio frequency identification) chips embedded in them that would enable school officials to monitor the student’s every move in an effort to cut back on truancy. If successful, it is believed that this program will be adopted by 112 school districts throughout, totaling approximately 100,000 students. Of course this is being met with resistance, as some parents are opposed to the program referring to it as a violation of their child’s civil liberties. Also there is grave concern surrounding child predators being able to access the frequency of the R.F.I.D to know the whereabouts of the students. Students who are revolting against the program, are band from participating in certain functions/activities such as voting for homecoming king/queen and entering common areas such as the library and cafeteria. In order to participate, students must either comply or be denied access. This resolution of absolute choice with zero flexibility, exhibits the same premise detailed in Revelations 13:16-17 stating ” they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark”. Many have claimed this recent R.F.I.D student card controversy, along with the speculation that ObamaCare (albeit Republicans decades ago instituted this under the Bush regime as a fast track initiative spearheaded by John Ashcroft to do the same) would require children born in 2013 to receive microchip implants, are clear indicators of controversial “Mark of The Beast”. These are clear and precise symbols, but I resign to the thoughts to that of Charles Baudelaire (not Keyser Soze) who said “the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist”. This quote projects the understanding by the understudy of what role the devil plays in society as a whole. If his plan was revealed then it would allow for combatants to detour his efforts. So I say this to bring forth the mindset that obvious things are too obvious. It is in the methodical or strategic ploy, in which opponents are often side swiped or caught off guard because they never saw it coming. R.F.I.Ds and ObamaCare represents the clairvoyant take, but what represents the unseen or the unrevealed? The Wizard lurking behind the curtain unleashed a bevy of conflict and mystical distractions in the land of Oz, long before his inner workings were made apparent. He would have made his impact felt abroad long before Toto would nip at his heels to put an end the treacherous tale. The Mark of The Beast has been prevalent long before these instances were recently reported. It’s mark dwells in the financial realm, communication realm, entertainment realm and religious realm. I won’t elaborate on these areas as it would turn my blog into a thesis, however, I will refer a book to you called “The Illuminati 666”. In this book, a wealth of knowledge is revealed on a multitude of levels surrounding this topic and its imprint on our modern society. To know your enemy (if he is your enemy) is to know the challenges you will face when confronted by him. It is then where you will discover the nature of the beast. #7 is perfect

The Black Ice Age: Our Genocide

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“I never ever ran from the Klu Klux Klan and I shouldn’t have to run from a black man, cause that’s, Self Destruction….”. A poignant statement addressed by rap legend Kool Moe Dee on the collaborative rap ensemble entitled “Self Destruction” from the Stop The Violence Movement of 1989. I am not one to pull punches or sugar coat the truth; in fact I have come to the realization that “truth” is such an ugly, disruptive word that it is often beautified with a line of makeup called the LIE (lacking intelligent enhancement). So without further ado, I will introduce the truth about things (real talk).

Who Am I? A rhetorical, in depth, psychological probing many of us are not willing to delve into. Of course in a simplistic reading of the obvious contents displayed on our outer vanity, we can assess ones weight, height, hair color, fashion tendencies and the all important hue magnification of ones melanin compound. But I ask again, Who am I? My name, Social Security No., Drivers License and Birth Certificate translate my place of origin, my labor contributions to society, my residence and my age; but Who Am I? I know my family tree, my genealogy and my ethnicity; however, Who Am I? Such a profound, philosophical pondering that requires me to solicit the findings of Professor Marshall Mathers, whose keen and astute assessment of my rhetorical engagement came up with a resolution of sophisticated eloquence. His answer: “I am, whatever you say I am”. A powerful, defining, yet, disturbing truth. Let’s address it.

Genocide is the systematic destruction of an ethnicity, religious group, caste, etc in part or as a whole. It is theorized that genocide does not have to be quantified by a mass killing off of a group, as it can be executed as a well devised, strategical plan put forth to weaken a group through the use of many different methodologies and tactics. It is easy to disqualify such a notion of this happening in this day and time, given the fact that we live in a world of social media that reports on a 24/7 continuum. In fact I would concur with the majority in saying that the possibility of this occurring in a modern day bubble would be slim at best. Yes, this prescribed thinking or notion would be an absolute truth “if” this strategy started circa now. However, as I previously stated, genocide is a well devised, strategical plan that utilizes a multitude of tactics to subdue a group. So one could conclude that albeit today may not be the start of a process, it could, very well be, a result of a well executed strategy that has been running full throttle on all cylinders for quite some time. This process of elimination is a diabolical ploy that is initiated right under the proverbial noses of its victim with the same invisible, potent presence that we equate to carbon monoxide. It’s a silent killer, that leaves a trail of premeditated death, whose victims are unaware they are being targeted. Today’s target; the black race.

Who am I, was what I beckoned in the aforementioned. I consider myself to be educated enough to throughly answer that question, as I can trace back my history much like other educated blacks and surmise that as a race, we originated from the African continent where we were transported, via planking, on ships to America where we would eventually be sold to European settlers like livestock. Throughout our presence in America, we would be disgraced, denigrated , demoralized, beaten, raped, murdered and stripped of our collective humanity. Our resolve in enduring this tainted list I just divulged, would in turn become the foundation of our cultural identity and psychology in America moving forward and beyond. These are our descendants; the disenfranchised, the miseducated, the unidentified and the survivor. I often hear the brethren and sisters of my race speak of our sociology in a context that connects us back to our ancestral African roots. This holds partial truth to our existence in America, as our skin tone and genealogy connects us to Africa from a heritage perspective. The African descendants of kings, queens, empires and advanced cultural structures, was virtually annihilated upon arrival to this country. Their identity would be stripped down by the ripping of flesh by whips, as the mind would succumb to the ails of their bodies, as words of degradation would bury their self esteem to the demoralized, sub level to that of fecal matter. The survivors of these torturous tirades, would become the ancestral roots to our modern day interpretation; not the so called descendants of kings and queens. Lets transgress forward.

A discussion I love to embark on is legacy. This lineage mapping acts as a gauge or a compass of sorts, that determines a possible direction to be traveled based on who you are and who you were born to. In a simpler term, it’s sort of like your last name, it follows you wherever you go unless you change it via marriage or legally. I found myself recently at a few summer events in which I was around a plethora of black youth. Of course, being that I am 40 years of age, it’s quite natural that some of the children I was amongst, belonged to some of the individuals within my peer group. I started to analyze their actions and found myself looking at my drivers license, as I felt that perhaps I was still a student at my high school alma mater. Their behavior patterns resembled that of their parents when they were that same age. The “like father, like son” theory summed up the legacy premise long before this blog. I can honestly say that those peers I know, actually had pretty well behaved kids for the most part, but my title would not mention genocide if this was a happy tale. The majority of the youth that I was around, who I knew very little about their origins or backgrounds, displayed a pattern of deplorable behavior. Their profanity laced tirades, combined with the pungent aroma of illegal narcotics, invaded the atmosphere like a high pollen count in the heat of summer. The behavior of the young girls, leaving nothing to the imagination accept what their possible going rate could be, was disturbing, as I could see the undeniable failures of their fathers. The young men smelled of corrosion due to their narcotic choices, as I found their appearance to be degrading and unacceptable. Their hardened skin and glazed-over, red irises reminded me of a zombie apocalypse. One would hope that the collapse of the black youth would simply stop there, however, violence would be a defining exclamation point of this summation, as two young men would become victims of a violent stabbing, courtesy of gang affiliation. I was completely at a loss for words, however, when I am lost, I like to theorize and analyze what happened and why. Here’s my why.

I stated that we were not descendants of kings and queens, but that we are in fact descendants of the disenfranchised, the miseducated, the unidentified and the survivor. An ugly truth; but as I stated before, only a lie will try to cover up and beautify an untruth. It is from these roots in which the foundation of our ancestral lineage in this country were established upon. For several hundreds of years, blacks were and have always been drowning in a pool of inequity. We have ran around like ants inside of a sugar bowl; plowing, pushing pilfering and poisoning one another in the hopes of escaping. Very few escape the bowl with the sweet taste of victory on their tongues and despite being tempted to return to help others escape, we are often thwarted knowing that you will face a firing squad of resentful individuals who wish to see you either die or tumble back to their level. We are taught to hate one another and despise one another’s accomplishments due to the fact we have been conditioned to behave this way. This dynamic started from the house to the field scenario, regarding where certain individuals were placed for labor tasks during slavery. Over time, this has spilled over into the realms of the different hues of our black skin tones, redefining what is considered beauty by a darker skin versus lighter skin comparison. Up until the Civil Rights Movement, these behavioral tendencies were a prevalent staple in the black community bulletin. The Civil Rights Movement was a byproduct of the educated and empowered black individual(s), who sought justice for the criminal acts committed by those who illegally oppressed individuals based on color and creed; henceforth they opposed genocidal ploys and tactics. This was the stop gap from the completion of “Our Genocide”. The oppressors or the empowered individuals recognized this movement as a threat, as we can ponder the elements of conspiracies associated with the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Huey P Newton. The J. Edgar Hoover element to this conspiracy, had a significant impact on our modern situation and condition. It is believed that post the deaths of MLK, Malcolm X and Newton (all linked to Hoover as well) that the J. Edgar Hoover lead F.B.I. strategically injected elements (mainly drugs) into the black community in an effort to oppress any potential uprising or empowerment that would see us advance. We would lose countless men due to incarceration and heroin abuse in the 60s and 70s, especially post Vietnam War, creating single parent households being overseen by women. As we now stare down the same barrel of a familiar gun, we find ourselves in a modern time where single black mothers are maintaining their children and their households, while black fathers are non existent due to incarceration or drug addiction. This mirrors the same cycle schematics of the 60s and 70s, only now we have additional agents of destruction, such as gang infestations (black on black crimes-85% of homicides against blacks are males between the ages of 17-29) and HIV (black men account for 70% of newly infected cases, black women 30%) lurking on the playground of destruction. If the black male is either drug addicted or HIV positive, then it speaks higher volumes in knowing that this will only further disable the black baby upon inception. So before a life is born, it faces elements of death before the birth canal. To get deeper into the storm, we are facing issues of declassification, as we are no longer becoming the primary minority group due to the influx of Spanish and Asian immigrants; therefore we are slowly losing our voicing power in the very country we helped to build and make great. So the notion that genocide is more of a premise and not a plan is illogical and naive. We are facing virtual extinction, but how many know that we are living in The Black Ice Age?

The Dinosaurians, represent the most polarizing phenomenon to ever grace the Earth, yet we find ourselves marveling at them only in Jurassic Park movies and at museum exhibitions. We cannot afford to resign to the idea of this being an impossible outcome, when the preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise. Who am I? I am whatever they say I am, which is a statistic amongst a dying breed. Perhaps hope will come in form of the educated black youth, looking to derail the train to genocide much like those from the Civil Rights era. We need a fire lit under our communities in the hope that we can revitalize and thaw out our race from the frozen tundras of inequity and ignorance. We need a new genesis not an old genocide. #revolution to evolution

(N.B.A) No-Body Asking Lebron?

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Former NBA Allstar Allen Iverson, became the king of the sound byte when he went on a verbal tirade in addressing allegations that his “practice” habits were alleged to be subpar by his coach (we talkin practice!). Although he’s synonymous with that quote, I have another quote from Allen Iverson that is less infamous that I like to extract and utilize from time to time. The quote came on the fringe of Kobe Bryant’s rape allegation case, when addressing the idea that Kobe was thought to have a squeaky clean image. Iverson assessed “Squeaky clean? There ain’t no such thing as a squeaky clean human being”. Such an insightful perspective embedded inside a serum of truth. One would have to deeply theorize what is the “truth” nowadays as we see more and more veils of deception being worn at the podiums by public figures. The NBA has long suffered with image issues throughout its inception, as they have fought issues of cocaine abuse and racial discourse, especially in the 80’s, where black players and their troubled lifestyles had become a hard sell to caucasian consumers. In fact I will go deeper into the darkness by declaring that Larry Bird actually saved basketball, not because of his skill-set, but because of his skin color. The epic duels between Larry Bird and Earvin “Magic” Johnson propelled the NBA into profit mode, catapulting it into a viable, mainstream option for the average, casual sports fan. We would then see the NBA audience increase in the early 90s and throughout, with the arrival of Michael Jordan. Michael would become that once in a lifetime transcendent player/persona, that would shatter the mould and redefine what “Superstar Athlete” would mean moving forward, from both a talent and financial perspective. Jordan reinvented the wheel and turned it into a virtual money making machine that spewed out a brand recognition (Jordan) comparable to the likes of familiar corporations such as McDonalds and Coca Cola. Michael was the cash cow who laid the golden eggs on the side as a part time hobby. Before bringing forth the focus of my blog topic I would first like to recount. The 80s saw a marketing image makeover that culminated into financial success with the epic “Bird versus Magic” headline, only to transcend to an even greater echelon with the emergence of Michael Jordan. All of these great accomplishments came under the guided rule of one acting commissioner ; Commissioner David Stern. Bare with me as I move the car into another parking stall.

We started off referencing Allen Iverson’s squeaky clean insight, so let us try to complete the montage. Michael Jordan was the quintessential “superstar”, however, there was a flawed aspect to his character that is rarely discussed openly and was pretty much swept under the rug by the media and especially by the NBA. There were investigations into his alleged association with “made men” who he routinely gambled with and was indebted to. In fact the NBA launched its own investigation into these allegations, as they feared Michael could have been compromised in what could be speculated as a Pete Rose type of scenario surrounding gambling. It has been noted that investigators were beginning to define Michaels role in these tainted association with criminal elements, however, Michael conveniently retired at the peak of his success, stating that his passion for the game and desire to compete had suddenly dwindled. This coming from a man who lived for competition to the point where he cheated a close friends mother during a family game night in order to win. It’s hard to fathom an individual like this losing desire to compete, however, is it reasonable to project that perhaps the NBA persuaded him to lay low until the dogs lost their scent? The NBA investigators would conveniently cease their investigation and called off the proverbial witch hunt after he announced his retirement. Coincidence? Perhaps if you are a bumbling detective like Inspector Gadget you may resign to this theory, but commonsensical individuals can read between the blurred lines. Michael would resume his basketball career less than two years retired, citing his love for the game as being his reason for returning. We would then see Michael return to dominance, winning three straight championships with no mention of the gambling allegations by the NBA and its team of investigators. A classic “sweep under the rug” tactic used to hide the remnants of dirt particles, while cashing in on the popularity of a marquee juggernaut. Brilliant, devious and deceptive; all for the love of money.

In moving forward, Michael retires a second time, this time due to issues surrounding the Chicago Bulls organization. Yes, Superman had left the building with no heir to his cape; just an empty phone booth with no dial tone. The NBA needed a new hero; in fact when Superman is not available we usually call on Batman and Robin (a.k.a Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant) to save the world from Dr. D (D=diminished ticket sales). The NBA, lead by film director Stern, would shoot the new film starring Batman and Robin on location in Tinsel Town (a.k.a. The Los Angeles Lakers). This film would be given a budget big enough create a trilogy (the Lakers would go on to win three straight championships) and cover all of the expenses associated with the hiring of extras and stunt doubles (referees) required on set in order to captivate an awaiting audience. Well if my words sounds more like a plug for a summer blockbuster instead of a basketball game, do know that it is not by accident. The NBA, in all of its knee jerking reaction to Michael taking his ball and going home, began to do what I call “W.W.Eing” (World Wrestling Entertainment) basketball games in an effort to create a new era/dynasty for its most marketable players: Shaq and Kobe. Now of course this is all “my” opinion as there is no factual evidence (only the tape of LA Lakers versus Sacramento Kings playoff series) to support my theory; but it is safe to say that certain calls by the referees during Lakers march to their three championships seemed (blatantly) to highly work in their favor. This seemingly “staged refereeing”, gave an additional advantage to two players with exceptional, superior skill-sets; making it near impossible to overthrow them. This epic (movie) run seemed like it would not stop at three championships, however no one could foresee the mighty duo (co-leading actors) would start to bicker with one another regarding whose (stage) team it was, causing an eventual Hollywood split, with Shaquille taking his talents to Miami (cue the Will Smith song). Ahhh, Miami, the home of scantly clad women, hot sun and the home of my blog subject: Lebron James. Lets take my talents to South Beach.

Let’s recap again; I have watched basketball for over 30 years, so the game is like a religion to me. These instances I speak of are known but not spoken enough about in theory. The Michael Jordan gambling is noted and documented, the Shaquille and Kobe refereeing issues became substantiated by a whistle blowing referee named Tim Donaghy, who admitted to fixing/calling games and alleged that the NBA played a role in him doing so. We have never seen any of these allegations thoroughly investigated nor the results revealed from the findings of these said investigation by the league. They have been summarily dismissed with a “how dare you question us” demeanor by David Stern as he would vehemently try to destroy the credibility of those coming forward with such allegations. To set the record straight, the NBA is not a blind league, as I had a conversation with an investigator some years back, who revealed that he had been ascertained by the league to monitor Allen Iverson’s activity. So to believe that the league is laissez faire regarding the lifestyle of their players (employees) is strongly misleading when they announce that they were “unaware of the fact”. This brings us to Lebron James. We have all heard about Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis and Major League Baseball’s issues with steroids and human growth hormone; but what is not receiving enough attention is the fact that baseball was only one of several different sports mentioned as having a connection to the clinic. The NBA was also on that list, with claims that notable superstar athletes in basketball were part of their client list as well. It was revealed that a player whose initials on file were “LJ” had a regiment he was obtaining from them that was being routinely picked up by an associate of his named “Mr. Paul”. Now I will never work for NASA, as I am no rocket scientist, but I will say that I am a master of dot connecting (and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express). First and foremost, “LJ” does not stand for Leon Jones. Secondly, Biogenesis is a business based in Miami Florida. Thirdly, Paul Rich is the name of Lebron James’ agent. In this case 1+1=3, as the sum of these three parts make a whole. You can ask anyone who follows the game of basketball, who is the supreme physical specimen in the league and Lebron James (Iron Man in keeping with the Super Hero theme) will be the answer without hesitation. The man looks like a scientific creation; with his power, speed, athleticism and durability levels registering off the charts. We can speculate he had some of these physical talents when coming into the league, however, he has become titanium like, as I cannot recall him missing games other than the ones he elected to. This from a player who endures and shoulders the full brunt of his teams success night in and night out by carrying the load of a multitude of tasks equated to that of three people. In this years playoffs, he appeared to get stronger and stronger while others, including his teammates, would begin to decline. Also to be noted, Lebron participated in the 2013 Olympics as well. Is this all a result of training? Can weightlifting and endurance training turn a body into an indestructible Terminator exoskeleton? We know the benefits from steroids, so does Lebron’s physicality exude traits of a user? These are questions I am asking, but apparently David Stern and the NBA are not, as reports from Biogenesis substantiated that the NBA has not inquired nor asked about their league’s possible involvement. Is this David Stern hoping to not taint his legacy as he awaits his exodus from the commissioner’s throne? The NBA is now implementing a steroid policy for next season, conveniently when David Stern officially retires. So I ask, why is no one asking Lebron James about Biogenesis? Maybe the NBA hired Olivia Pope to help detract the scandalous vitriol the league would endure if its most marketable athlete faced an A-Rod like musical ensemble. Perhaps this, becomes Stern’s Terrific Trifecta; Gambling, Tampering and Enhancement. Sounds like an autobiographical depiction of a commissioner who knows how to do one thing well in order to preserve a squeaky clean image and that is cover his (league) own a&&…#scandal

In Review: AMC’s The Killing

Posted in Movies & Television on August 7, 2013 by geniusscribbleink

the killing

Often times we find ourselves drowning in a murky pool of tasteless reality shows doctored up to look like cliffhangers in the form of reunion shows on Bravo and VH1. Yes, the National Enquirer has invaded television networks across your cable listing, making it hard for drama series seekers like myself to find an appetite wetting program that can force me to want to understand the inner workings of my DVR system. It ceases to never fail that I either find myself investing in a good series, only to find it was cancelled or the bottom fell out of the script, forcing me to say “what the fudge” just happened (what else does WTF mean?) I enjoyed cable shows like HBO’s The Wire and FX’s Damages starring Glenn Close. Some of my other favorites include AMC’s Hell on Wheels, FX’s Sons of Anarchy (although SOA has gone too dark for my taste), TNT’s Southland (cancelled) Fox’s The Following, NBC’s Hannibal and of course ABC’s Scandal (white male with a black love interest yes I’m watching). All of those shows I mentioned, incorporate excellent writing, however, I have a hard time not putting my favorite show to date in an entirely different category. That show is AMC’s The Killing.

If you have not watched seasons 1&2, this is a perfect time to start giving out your Christmas wish list early. In the classic cliche of “who done it”; well it will take you both seasons to find the answer to that aged old question. This suspense filled series architected around two brilliant actors Mireillie Enos (Detective Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Detective Holder) set in the dreary, surreal backdrop of Seattle Washington (filmed on location in Vancouver British Columbia) should have been a featured film given the brilliance behind the remake of this Danish television series. I am usually quick to figure out a plot in the middle of a show, however, this was not the case with this series. I can all but guarantee that even if you are lucky enough to guess who the killer is, you will have changed your mind several times before the show ends. This is hands down one of the best written shows I have ever seen period. I just finished season three as I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed in the hopes they renew the series for a fourth season. Riveting, suspenseful and exceptional acting, a true recipe for greatness and a remedy for a dying age of bland television and hideous acting. The Killing is a good reason to have cable television.