The Cyber Pimp


Procuring; such a sophisticated synonym for such a provocative trade better known as prostitution. Prostitution has been loosely regarded as “the world’s oldest profession” as we can trace the acts of solicitation as far back as biblical times, as we see references of this said profession in the story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38. The procurer in this profession, also known as as a “pimp”, acts as an agent for the prostitute, collecting the monies for the sexual acts provided in exchange for supplying varied services for the prostitute such as protection, advertising and the securing of a place of operation (I.E.: the street corner, brothel, etc.). The business of pimping here in the United States, is usually built upon an internal structure of violence, as a majority of pimps are believed to be gang affiliated. So it comes as no surprise as we read about the recent F.B.I nationwide sting operation that rescued 105 underaged victims ranging between the ages of 13-17 from sex trafficking/prostitution rings; that drugs, money and weapons were prevalent as well. This 76 city raid resulted in the arrest of 150 individuals, who now face a multitude of both federal and state charges. It is quite disturbing to know that so many underaged individuals were a part of this demoralizing act of degradation. In knowing that I have a niece who is seventeen, as well as, numerous cousins that fit this age demographic, it is hard for me think of leniency when assessing the potential punishment these individuals should inherit. One would have to ponder as to how 105 young people could go off the grid and not raise an eyebrow of concern from their parents or guardian. Well, what is to be noted is the predatory acumen of a pimp; they only seek out those with little to no family ties. To add additional macabre to this pedophiliac playground is the fact that it has now gone viral over the internet. Both the pimps and exploiters hold forums online at a site called “”, lending further credence that this $20 billion conglomerate is no longer restricted to just brothel rooms and street corners. In an age where human trafficking and child pornography are on the rise, the financial windfalls associated with the industry of prostitution, gives way for a terrorizing juggernaut that has its site squarely fixated on our youth. The Internet is the proverbial informational highway, but it has also become the devils playground. Prostitution is a global disease that rapes the soul of the world’s youth. We have to stay informed and stay alert, as this could literally save and greatly impact a child’s life. #letuspray

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