Penis Monologues


New York playground legend and former NBA all-star point guard Kenny Anderson, was famous for his ability to dribble past his opponents and deliver countless passes/assist to his teammates in an effort to allow them to easily score points. It is safe to assume that our innate abilities are our most transferable abilities. No matter what environment or arena we may find ourselves in, usually whatever that comes most natural to us is what we tend to resign to do. Kenny Anderson is undoubtedly proving my theory to be true, as he is now assisting victims of molestation.

Kenny Anderson was named “New York State Mr. Basketball” in high school and was highly touted by all of the major college programs throughout the nation. He was New York State’s all time scoring leader amongst high school school students and was living the proverbial dreamscape that is often reserved for fairy tale literature. He had slain the iconic dragon by overcoming the elements of poverty and single parenting and had positioned himself for future success. But as the saying goes: “At every new level, there is a new devil”. Unfortunately for Kenny Anderson, he would meet his devils at the ages of 8 and 9, as he would fall victim to molestation twice by two different individuals. One of the individuals lived in his neighborhood and another was a coach. The alarming statistic that i found as it relates to pedophilia, is that only 1-5% of our population molest children, yet somehow Kenny Anderson met two within a span of a year. The other statistic of concern is that there are 400,00 registered offenders and yet between 80 to 100,00 are missing and off the grid (approximately 1/4). It makes you wonder about the fails-safes that are in place to protect the victims and potential victims. In the Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne was forced to wear a letter to signify her unacceptable societal behavior. Is this the answer for those who commit acts of pedophilia? Should we have a tracking device or a chip inserted in them upon release? We are signifying that they are no longer acceptable in certain areas that involve underaged children and must register whenever they move or leave the state, so are these ideals far fetched? Long Island, in an area known as Gordon Heights, had a cluster of some 45 high risk offenders living in one hamlet that was unknown until reports showed a map reflecting where offenders lived. It made me reflect on Kenny Anderson, who grew up in a low income area in Queens much like the low income area of Gordon Heights, as I wondered just where do they place those who commit these heinous acts as well. Do they place them In low income areas where no one cares? Once again, 1-5% of the population molest children, Kenny Anderson meets two within a year; alarming and unacceptable. A definite wake up call for parents and society as a whole; change is needed.

You may wonder why I entitled this blog “Penis Monologues” given the fact that this article relates to pedophilia; so here’s why. As I mentioned before, Kenny Anderson is assisting victims of molestation. He has decided to come forward to speak out and share his story in a symposium entitled “Penis Monologues”. This act of bravery on his behalf is to be commended, as it gives a voice to a silent victim who may have not come forward yet due to either fear or embarrassment. Sex offenders are four times more likely to recommit a sexual crime. That statistic alone is a great reason to educate yourself and your child and to reevaluate their surroundings. Perhaps this can assist in keeping innocence inside a child’s eyes. #savethebabies

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