In Review: The Movie: Red 2

red 2

Lights, camera, action, bombs, Kung Fu and humor. Usually you would have to watch five different movies to achieve all of these things. It’s rare that you leave a movie theatre nowadays elated about having watched a successful film. Often we are just happy to walk out without having sticky soda residue on the bottom of our sneakers or the remnants of popcorn butter glistening on our fingertips because we ran out of napkins (more like Amor Oil than butter). Often times “The Wife” and I look for discounted movie theaters or simply wait for it to arrive at a Redbox kiosk, simply because the movie quality versus the arm and leg they charge for a ticket is usually just not worth it. But once in awhile, just like Ground Hog Day, we find a shadow of hope illuminating from the marquee that is worth both the price of admission and the overpriced concession stand rip offs (order the kids meal it’s cheaper). Yes, Red 2 is worth it all.

If you haven’t seen the original Red, rent it, but its not necessary (however why not double your fun). I recall my first thought when thinking of whether or not I wanted to rent the original. I was reluctant, as I pondered just how good could an action film featuring old actors/actress be. Bruce Willis had done so many Die Hard movies to the point that I just thought of him like a roach after a nuclear shower; he just won’t die (yippee ki yay). But I am happy to say that I was completely wrong. The movie was excellent. So when The Wife inquired about Red 2, I didn’t need any stale popcorn kernel coaxing; I was ready to go. The result? Kick Asteroid good. Helen Mirren is a scene stealer, Bruce Willis rekindles that wry demeanor of The Whole 9 Yards and John Malkovich is forever brilliant. Anthony Hopkins needs no introduction, as he’s masterful in any role. But the surprise comes from Byung Hung Lee. His last name is apropos as he is a young Bruce Lee in the making. If you are looking for a great, action filled, humor laced film, I strongly recommend Red 2. If you don’t like it, the microwave popcorn is on me. Go check it out.

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