Boston Bomber or Bombshell?

the bomber

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”-Jim Morrison. An appropriate quote in many ways when pondering the latest Rolling Stone magazine cover featuring alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. His picture has sparked several different avenues of emotions from many abound, including chain stores that have elected to ban the magazine from their shelves in an act of protest for the way Tsarnaev was portrayed in a favorable light. In fact, my ode to Jim Morrison, was due to the fact that in my opinion he resembled the famed rock star in the picture Rolling Stone elected to use. I am more than sure that this picture was a calculated decision for the reasons I mentioned as it served its purpose in generating a public frenzy. Lets face it, there is no such thing a negative publicity. There have been several covers of national publications that have raised the ire of the public in the past. In 1938, Time Magazine elected Adolph Hitler as their Man Of Year. Life Magazine, in 1965, displayed a photo of a Vietnam prisoner with his eyes and mouth taped shut. Charles Manson donned the cover of Rolling Stone in 1970. Time magazine, in 1994 , utilized a darkening technique on O.J. Simpson’s photo that portrayed him in what many considered to be a menacing fashion. This latest “cover shoot controversy” falls in line with a tradition that has been exercised amidst controversial segments of U.S. and World historical events throughout. Does it glorify or vilify the individual(s) on the cover? Do the covers of noted publications influence our views and thoughts? Do the covers create a polarizing persona that can make the individual(s) into an occult type figure? Most important, how does it effect those who are directly effected by the acts they committed? All of these are valid questions that are hard to attach answers to. I had one person divulge to me that they were not bothered by the cover featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. My retort is whether or not it didn’t bother that individual because they had no direct emotional attachment to the incident. What if it was a sensitive subject? What if a cover touched your hot button? Would you boycott or would you be open minded and read on? It’s hard to presume emotion, as empathy is the hardest shoes to fulfill, especially when the shoes don’t fit your walk of life. I do know one thing, healing takes time and perhaps timing was the issue more than the image in itself. #prayers

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