Code Of The Da Vinci Syphilis (Yasiin Bey)


Leonardo Da Vinci’s Virtruvian Man is widely recognized as the quintessential “Holy Grail” of drawings that depict the mathematical proportions of the human body. Leonardo was fascinated with the human anatomy and would often dissect corpses in order to get a greater understanding of the gross anatomy of the human body and its inner organ structures. Leonardo is credited for having made advancements in the studying of blood flow throughout the chambers of the heart. His experimentation with the workings of body would go on to be a foundation for the science of human anatomy. Leonardo, in August of 2013, will receive credit for his accurate anatomical depiction of the human body versus that of modern day MRIs at the Edinburgh International Festival. It is believed that Leonardo was seemingly hundreds of years ahead of his time. Thus we can conclude that Leonardo’s experimentations basically carved out a pathway for modern science and medicine. His impact on the history of aforementioned fields of study are undeniable, however, did his experimentations also open up another hidden compartment in Pandora’s box that bordered on a different type of scientific theory? Lets explore alchemy.

Alchemy has several definitions, however, I want to use Merriam Webster’s third definition that says: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting. We are well aware that medicine basically manipulates or tricks the body into improvement or relief. There’s of course a fine line in determining what is a good drug versus a bad one. It is an individuals political, religious and social viewpoint that determines how proverbial tilts regarding that, but I’m not concentrating on cannabis compared to codeine or aspirin compared to alcohol. All of these types of decisions are made of ones free will, unless of course some evil person slips something in your food or drink. I want to talk about those things that are not of ones choosing.

The Caduceus symbol, which is the symbol of medicine, depicts two snakes coiled around a wing staffed. In its earlier rendering (the Johann Frobenius version), the Caduceus is depicted with two snakes surrounding a dove with the biblical epigraph of Matthew 10:16. Matthew 10:16 states: “Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. No need to dwell on what a serpent is and what a dove is in a biblical sense, however the Caduceus has often been considered a symbol of the occult and a symbol of alchemy as well. Alchemy is once again is described as: an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting. In a recent documentary by the musician/actor Yasiin Bey (a.k.a Mos Def), in which he agreed to be subjected to the same force feeding methodology that some 44 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who have elected to go on a hunger strike have endured (Video). We see an alarming and graphic act being committed, as they would manipulate and “transmute” the body’s natural function in a way that is usually reserved for lab rats. I am sure that in some way, this act of force feeding violates some issues of human rights regardless of the crimes these prisoners committed. If they choose not to eat, then who is anyone to take those liberties of choice away and handle them like they are mere cattle on the range. This recent act of alchemy reminded me of another deplorable act in our country during the years of 1932-1972; The Tuskeegee Syphilis Experiment. This experiment was ran by U.S Public Health Services to track untreated syphilis cases in rural African American areas. Some 600 poverty ridden blacks males were unaware that they were the basic rats in a lab experiment. The U.S. Public Health Services were aware that 399 of the men had contracted the virus but never revealed this information to them, in fact they were all told that they were being treated for a blood condition. The men were never treated for syphilis, which required a simple dose of penicillin; instead they were given a free meal, free burial service and free medical. The other 201 unknown participants, were not carriers of the disease, however, the control of the experiment was to see how it would naturally progress when untreated in a rural area. This “inexplicable and mysterious transmuting” of a disease by way of this experimentation with human subjects was nothing less than a method of alchemy. When human beings are treated less than farm bred animals, then perhaps we have gone far past the ideals of medicine and science being a new frontier. In fact if these methods are anything, they resign to something along the lines of barbaric in nature. I don’t claim to be aware of the crimes committed by those 44 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, but I am aware that when we start to view humans like those innocent men in Macon County Alabama, we are treading into a dark territory that is far from the fascination that drove Da Vinci’s coded mind.

Human life was once thought to be a precious commodity, but in my short span of existence I am finding this to be less of the case. Where do we draw the line? When human sacrifice is viewed by the public like a trending pair of sneakers, it puts into perspective just how far we are removed from being human. Society tends to make a mockery of murder and death (just look at Facebook for prime examples), so human experimentation is no longer seen as cruel and brutal. Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by the components of the body, giving us a foundation to build upon. I often wonder if he was to draw the chambers of the heart today, whether or not he would find a cold stone located in the middle of it. Then again he lived by a moral code of such, the problem being is that we have been unable to break it. Where is Dan Brown when you need him? #code breaker

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